Back From Cocoon into Procrastination

Hello all! 🙂

This isn’t me sleeping in the bird’s nest but would look like one if you climb five stored building and knock my abandoned door.


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Back from hibernation since my last post of about two months. Before I end up moving out and constantly fretting on why am I not opening up my entrance books, I’d update my blog which is left alone for a while and needed my solid attention. 

See it isn’t my problem, I must say my lazy bones had gained extra kilo and my legs can’t take the weight of my junk walking like an elephant. Plus I’d say patients are eating up my brains.”Nope”, the kind one is losing her self earned patience.We become machines at the end of the day and we pat our backs and beam, ‘Experience’! Why does Devils disguise in angelic faces? Phew… calling our ancestors doesn’t work for your charm however, you’ve to wait in the queue.

Doctor had gone for a meeting, Sir.

Please do wait, Sir!

How long I’d been waiting here with my family?

Please do wait for some… more time…

See you’re taking advantage of Government official, we’re also working in Government offices like you. Are you all Doctors???

I want to shout out loud, ‘Hello’, I’m not your doctor. I can also raise my voice. And we aren’t government people. We just give free services. Free doesn’t come in patience, travel fees and Time. And again he goes barking, blah!

Out of nowhere, Specialized Doctor comes and gives an appointment to the patient. Again he starts, we travel long way why aren’t you checking or starting my treatment.

I’m not your Doctor…. arghhh

We’re also Government people. you are just fooling us!!!

You came late. Your treatment can’t be started just like that. Doctor has to decide when to call you in his free time.

I turn back and walk. Ignorance. Call me heart stoned. It doesn’t matter. I say Drama is over and I’m heading to my world of peace.

Peace? I’d say to my world of thinking too loud!

After all this I see patients who tolerate my pinching,pulling their cheeks, lips and innumerable times of opening-closing mouth. They should yell at me for the intense struggle however they smile, understand and value… when I hear my voice echoing back. Why can’t others be the same?

Not necessary everything has to be the same. Isn’t it? Cramming up my last few case work in two days time… catching up my last-minute trials and fittings to a perfect class smile…tired after work thinking of too much futuristic and what could be done and what not? Tomorrow is always a better day for bigger promises isn’t it?

To read out more, check out my first Guest post at vishalbheeroo! Vishal, You’ve praised me so much that I’d to read once again and again. 🙂 The joy of reading once appraise and I’m loving it. So you all can check out his blog which comes in awesome write ups and splendid stories. If you all like what you see please do leave your word-print in form of comments and likes. I’d like to know what your views on the above same. Hahah until later I come back with my character wits, hasta la vista!

(God knows what that means)

Good Bye!

Kikibee (A dentist by profession and a writer from heart) 🙂



4 thoughts on “Back From Cocoon into Procrastination

    • First of all, patients come with a line that they had been waiting for so long when they’d have reached that time. AND nothing is an emergency aid when treatment is given for free and all they need is patience. If I say humanity, what about patients that came first and getting treated?


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