In Solitude

10929237_754368777966589_9202561294346025119_nWrapped warmly in so called life

Dark shadows gape at thy vigour

Silence as drops of wavering breaths

Hush down the coldness in sighs

Was the wind so blind?

To brush my hair apart or

 To hear me cry

Tears rolling down

 Moment of Guilt

In Solitude…

Gawking at my naked fear

Of Living a life unseen

Yearning to belong somewhere

Somewhere mighty high

Is it a struggle, she claims?

A feeling just killing me deep

Profoundly in pieces to heart melancholy

In solitude

I pray, Not to see her again…

I hope it rains in this part of town

Where world doesn’t find me.

A solitary place

 Is not where I should belong

this isn’t the journey of happiness, I desire

Time bewitches me yet again

Irony of hope making it nowhere

In solitude,

In smiles

In Joys

In life everlasting

Does this count?

I whimper, This can’t be me

And I still find curtains of pelt

Hovering over me

And I say, why?

Why me.

In solitude, I remain

With absolutely nothing to gain

And did she say, ‘Time heals’?

I turn away

Only with Power, I breathe

And pretend to wear my mask

Wishing thy end of this state of elevation…

For now,

I love this warmth in solitude…

In pretense, it’s ended for now!

Author Notes:- Welcome you all to my first post of 2015! This year my whole set of plans changed and I’m taking break from many writing challenges. Next time I post online, It would be a surprise. This is in response to IndiSpire ( challenge of the week.

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