Darkest before Dawn


Gazing over your new rays
Breaking every false lining
Seeking thy power, Oh Grace
Shower your blessings O mighty one
Lift up thy soul for it seeks your strength in thee
No longer I want to dance in shadows
Shine every shattering pieces of blue
With no regrets
With no lies
And no masks until death
Only promises to live and win..
Flaws of yesteryears
Wrapped in whirlwind
Crumbling in depth with no gains
Every happiness seem so far fetched
Afarid. Afarid to face truth
A fear that ripped my soul out
I Surrender, in pain…
Hold on my weary one
Believe, believe you are limitless
Nothing matters
Nothing lasts
Nothing more important than you
Face thy flame of new hope &
Break the cage of your mind
It’s the darkest before the dawn, my child…
And you’re destined to fly high…



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