Where are you now?


I can hold my breath
Pretend not to hear
Close my eyes
I can bite my tongue
Paint my face red and
Chain my soul
If that’s all you need
I can do it all –
Cause I’m a human
And I can do it all…
Can you hear me?
Can you feel me?
I can…
Sing aloud your praises for long
Crawl by your side
And still plaster a smile
Wipe away that grim
Walk of that pristine cut
And still a mystery
you can’t talk.
You can throw me into ashes
And I’d still be the puppet
Attached to your string.
Call it the truth
I’d ready to do it all..
But, what’ll you do for me?
I know you can’t hear me
Like that demon,
you can always pull it off
So easily
But why me?
It’s so loud inside me
The words I never said
The emotions I drown
So young & stupid
So much to spill my ink
For it’s a good bye I know
When I’m surrounded by your
cluster of thoughts in silence
Where are you now?
I don’t need to know…


This is in response to the Photo Challenge https://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2016/03/22/photo-challenge-105/

Thank you for reading.  Do post your valuable comments for me to laugh, smile and think too much to respond.

I’m talking about the sacrifice one takes in love and to the critical point, one can proceed and reach the end in today’s world.
As long as it’s love, everything falls within a circle but what if everything falls apart?

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