That Day

That day…
When the Earth convulsed
An endless knot
When thousand wounds
Bolt from the blue
When cross roads travelled
Held no meaning
Best friends became
Passing acquaintances
When books or technology
Gave no answers
When you closed your eyes
You want to hold your breath
But For once,
You want to reach the zenith
When the scars of love
left you breathless
Or the drops that burned your dreams
When past can’t be erased or
When failures became pockmark on blood stain papers
When days outnumbered
But had perfect morning serene
When shaft of the moonlight sync
the tranquility of heart
Nothing, nothing beats God
to judge the living and dead
That day merely have an ending…
A wish to be saved from hatred
Or possibly a love to cherish.
But I’d rather be in your arms
And that’s the safest place I know.


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