Out of my way, Got another one alive!


Pic Courtesy: Kavan Cardoza

Waiting at the train station
Watching the dark shades of amber
Flood the sky
Time ticks in second’s
Crowd swarms in no hour
In weary gloomy faces.
Sitting on the wooden edge,
I stretch my arms wide
Standing, my knuckles jabber an exasperated sigh
Leaving bereaved soul, I move
Dashing through swinging arms of strangers
Dive between toddlers & elders
Between bobbing heads, I gallop
Looking ahead at flashy screen updates
Quite an hour to go home“, I anticipate
Stroll along the jobless minds
Catch sign board at my periphery
Cotton candies,
jelly beans,
Marshmallows –
Taste buds scheme a new play
Lost count of colourful gems
Until caress a mouth melt down
No money to pay, I sigh
Happily hung over new obsession
With a stupid grin, I wander
Down the diagonal alley
‘Hey Kid, do you want some candy? ‘
In daze, Turned to a gun in sight
Gasp a silent breath
Shusssshhh! I exhale
Tears fail to fall
Fear course my veins
Try to calm my heart
But I tremble.
Screamed the morning papers
No room to grieve,
Paid no attention to plea
Vicious eyes appear from nowhere
Hidden under cloak of darkness
Dangerous, it yell!
Hear thy wakening sign of help
Felt the clutch loosen, I quiver
Until a cold plunge a harsh reality
Panting for my dear life
A Uniformed Officer ran to shady spot
Gunshot resounding the Hallway
Silently, I took the peace in air
Until bells of a raging train whistle
Calling to step backward
Catching hold of my clinched heart,
I step abroad
Darkness wrapped me inside
Wiped a silent tear
By strange velvety hands
Held my sight to horrid one
“Hello dear,
How about we step in together!
We don’t want to bother police!!”

An evil Laugh resound forever in my ears

This is in response to mindlovemiserysmenagerie Photo Challenge #106. Those who interested click on the link and add up your entry. THANK YOU NEERAJ! Great challenge.

P.S: This is the last post for awhile and I’ll be back after my exams. Soon cya until miss me 🙂



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