Book Review: The Girl On the Train

Paula. Paula Hawkins. That’s her, An Ex- Journalist for 15 years, born as Leo in 1972, raised in Salisbury before her first hit last year. This mystery thriller is this year upcoming movie.
Paula Hawkins

“You don’t know her
But she knows you”

The opening line captures your mind to know about this girl on the train. What’s so interesting about her? Rachel.

Paula Hawkins tells us a fiction story of Rachel Watson who takes the same commuter train to London daily. She knows the train stops at 8:04 in the red signal. She observes this lovely couple through the window and names them as Jess and Jason, a perfect lovely couple!

Rachel wishes her life would be like the perfect loving couple like that of Jess and Jason. But she is a divorcee, alcoholic, overweight, unemployed and pretty much leads a low self esteem life. And everyday she watches them as a muse until she finds Jess kissing a stranger in their lawn so initimately. Is she cheating her husband? Is that her secret lover? She is keen to know about Jess life who stays ten blocks away from her ex-husband Tom Watson and present wife Anna. Until Megan aka Jess is missing one day and the whole London news is about her missing facade.

Where did she go missing?
Did boyfriend abuse her?
Or did husband find out?

The story revolves around three dominant characters Rachel, Megan and Anna written in their perspective. I liked the writing style but for a thriller, I felt bit slow paced. I finished up reading it in two days and I’m filled with mixed reactions. Totally Unsatisfying ending.

-An average read.

For a quick read, you can pick up this one with an iced tea flavoured peach. 😀

Did you read the book? What you felt about it? What is your present read?

Stay tuned for more updates. And Stay indoors and avoid the scorching heat. Phew! Summer heat tiring isn’t it?



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