My Book Of Tomorrow

Hello All,

As today turns out to be 15 or 16th day after my last post. I’ve decided to write for Blog chatter. It’s better late than never, right?

And Sid, thanks for the prompting idea to write about my writer’s block. Yes it’s a He! A monster alluring my mind and heart for now. But more descriptive in the next post! 😂

This is what my Heart says.

Walking down the streets,
Heading East or West – I
Lay no idea of mine
In This blistering heat,
I glide slow until
I could find my destination.
Alas this scorching glory
Drains away my energy
With sheer mindset I walk –
That little faith I’d call myself
I nearly faint but I stand
I breathe
That urging power to live
To live my life
To Fall in love
To put a smile
On my loved ones at least once.
This is what my heart wants
What it really wants
Is Love,
And Joys. But where do I get those?
Without any lies, I deserve some truth
Without any arguments, I deserve some peace
Without any expectations, I want to live my life
I want to fly high.
Truly madly deeply
I want to be loved.
Is that selfish?
I don’t know.
When I look down,
I want to see all with a smile ! Will that happen?
A smile cause of me.

“The Heart wants what it wants” –
KiKibee ❤

Thankful to all who has stayed in my life and many who had left. Though there are many who said, I push people away! I want to shout out loud and let them all know, I'm fed up of your tantrums, accusations and judgements. I've not tied anyone to me, if you're unhappy with me, Go… I'm tired of living up to anyone's expectations. I want to be happy and I've my own people who cares for me still. AND that's the only thing that matter for me. I want to stay happy. And so do you.  All my life, Ive lived in a world of comparison. Be it from my folks to next one sitting besides, I'm done being sad. Being frustrated. Being no one! When everyone around me achieved some golden treasure, you're being convinced by your folks, you're up to no good.

So here, Doctor signing off. Shifted to Chennai. From now on, it's a new beginning! It's so HOT in here. I hope I can survive for few years. I pray that Almighty to guide my path and bestow his blessings upon me.

Here is a picture taken by me in the car ride on my way to Avadi, Chennai. I know it's clearly out of focus but what captured my heart is a wavering beauty. I hope you can appreciate it.

Dr. KiKibee 😉



10 thoughts on “My Book Of Tomorrow

  1. It’s a really beautiful piece.
    Loved the lines- “Without any lies, I deserve some truth
    Without any arguments, I deserve some peace
    Without any expectations, I want to live my life”
    There is so much written in these lines, that one cannot but ponder over it.
    M sure God has something great for all of us. A new beginning is a new chapter. All the very best. Stay Happy. And.. keep writing n keep reading.
    Cheers! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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