Concavity of Life


How can I stop my heart from loving you?
How can I erase our memories?
How could you leave in peace?
And left me in pieces
This isn’t a poetry, my love
This isn’t a justification of my pain
It’s an expulsion of demon in me
They aren’t words you hear
They are screams of a hopeless heart
Like the heart that withers in a glass jar
Into dry twigs and thorns
Ripped from fresh blooms
If only, you can understand
If you do, why are you screaming too?

I see you lying in the black and white..
Hoping for love and wishing the light..
I never meant to break such a beautiful heart..
But in this world we weren’t right..
I feel your pain .. I hear your cries..
Oh I pray you could break through these ties..
I never left .. I’m m still here..
But my presence would only make it more unbearable..
So I watch over you from the shadows..
Feeling your pain .. feeling your pain..
Just like you I scream in vain..
Cursing this world .. where we couldn’t be ..
I hope someday you’d understand, that I love you even if we couldn’t be together..

Pic Credits: Viki Kollarova

This is in response to the Mindlovemisery’smenagerie Photo Challenge #115.

The first para is written by me and the second para is written by my dearest friend Rahul. Hope you all like it !

If you like this creation, do share it and if you add your comments in the below column would help me to improvise! So go ahead and share your thoughts.



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