The Musings of Small World

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As your hand raise to hit the blaring sound snooze, you end up dropping the alarm clock down. When you’re glad and have that mischievous smile on face you realise you’re cold and shivering for so long to wake up from that cozy comfort blanket and realise it’s MONDAY!

But when is it different from any other day?

As you’ve noticed the alarming time and peak your pace in that weekend hungover and rush to do your morning duty you realise it’s a beginning of another goddamned week.

How wonderful was that luxurious comfortable white blankets spread over your Sleep! You’ve never fallen in love so much?

When you decide to walk because the UK based company you work for, is just nearby and mind it you never skipped a meal so it doesn’t matter if you skip one. But who cares?
You just roll over the streets in mid noon, burping and never getting the gas out of the system only to realise skipping meal was a pretty bad idea.

As each minute pass by you realise the blistering summer heat has drained all the energy unless you were packed in batteries.

“Only if I’d carried a bottle of water!” (SIGH)

When you reach your destination as the cool conditioned air touches your face, as beads of sticky sweat roll down the nape you’ve never realised the power of an air conditioner or blades of a revolving fan that’s making your life lighter.

Mmm…And that perfect aroma of some one hogging chicken biryani. Man! What’s got into me??? Ok is it the lunch hour yet? Or can I ask the boss permission?

The thick scent is alluring in the air and you can’t resist the powerful taste that’s drooling your taste buds.

“Delicious”, and you gaze in the air dreaming of that perfect homemade biryaniiii… oh my love!

“MR. KRISHNA ka ji!”
Why are you daydreaming in middle of work??

“Sirrrrrrr,,, bir… biryani!”


Pic Credits: Google Images

Initially written for Indispire Challenge but failed to notice “No Human Characters” in the given challenging prompt. So getting my gears working for another post for the challenge.

Thanks for reading!

Dr. KiKibee


2 thoughts on “The Musings of Small World

  1. Today is Monday and look who’s and which blog I stumbled upon… Ways to beat Monday blues… Bloggers life. Though I’m far from thinking about biryani and being screamed at (small perks of being your own boss) everything else seems more complicated on a Monday morning… Lovely write up. Cheers

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