Cecilia’s Book Of Tomorrow


The title seems familiar? Could be. After all, it’s a book written by Cecilia Ahern. But, this post isn’t a review. Though I could add a summary or two. I’ve hardly finished this book and I’m still in the initial pages. May be when I was lazily hovering on the couch ten days back, you’d still catch me with this book in my hand and today too this book in the same page same position in a different place. Is it that good? I’ve no words. Cause I’ve not finished this but I won’t write a review. Cecilia I’m sorry. This book is letting me down. And that’s why I quit this insanity now.

Tamara Goodwin aka a spoilt brat of a richly business man lives life in here and now, never giving a second thought to tomorrow. The events get coiled up when her father suicides not able to pay debts along goes with her house and luxury. So she moves out with her light headed mother whose in grieving period into Jennifer’s (brother’s place).
There she finds a travelling library where she finds a brown bound leather diary. With the help of Sister Ignatius, an old nun (Jennifer’s sister) she opens the diary to find nothing written it but preludes her to write journals. When she starts to explore around the gatehouse, she finds a ruin castle and there she finds solemnity. With the suggestion of sister Ignatius she starts writing her diary only to find a written entry of next day already updated. Curious whether it’s worth it she finds everything going the same way as planned by the journal. Interesting isn’t it?
The back cover seems alluring my mind when I opened up to read but left it in the midway. I’ve read some good reviews about this book so maybe this isn’t my cup of tea.

So when you guys read this book, let me know what you felt about the book?



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