View From The Window


Last Night, I fell asleep without realising my head toppled on the pages of a novel currently on read. However, after midnight I didn’t get sleep cause I was extremely loved in every inch of my body with hot mosquito bites. Trying to doze off but never could find a better meaning of insomnia. Rolling from one end to another, I gave up my sleep and went out to the hall and switched on the light. An idea that I felt could be a foolish one too in that hour. Alas when I could get all my energy back, I ended up sleeping in the couch promising to wake up at 5! Sleeping early comes with the price of packing your luggage to a new place that too in dawn. New day and new promise of a new beginning or another stage of life.

Today I see a whole view of a village from the window of my apartment facing the city side. It’s like every city grows at each corner of village. You would still see the ladies doing their morning business in open field, looking everywhere to check whether anyone staring at them but they don’t realise an apartment at the far end can watch them all.

But, How fortunate are we to live under four walls and having a roof to cover our heads right? Wonder. Why they don’t have a toilet to use? When Politicians promises a whole lot of giveaways, why not free toilets? Cause I’m not talking about one woman but fifty maybe? GRATITUDE. For what you have?

When we choose to tweet 140 characters about the traffic and lameness of how people do silly things in middle of road, I wish people had social responsibility when it comes to waste disposal or water sewage flowing between apartments or throwing waste out of their windows. Or perhaps you are voicing your opinion too but why is it falling in deaf officials?

Today I chose peace over chaos. Happiness over sadness.
A whole new meaning of life rather aimless life.
Would it be selfish if I say I want to live my life happily?
Cause I’m done being low?
It isn’t EASY!
Baby steps.
Fails more than I try.
Still never give up. Same goes with you!
Believe in your purpose and achieve wholeheartedly. Some things doesn’t work but don’t lose hope for better opportunities.

May PEACE chant their charm over my chaos, May HAPPINESS brighten my heart, May SMILE be plastered on my face and may someone find DELIGHT in their lowest times from my JOYFUL mood.

And Let Me Remind you it’s never easy but try to breathe. Be strong. Be happy. Nothing else matters.



12 thoughts on “View From The Window

  1. The women you are talking about. They are the strongest of our society. My brother calls us Pedigree breeds. We have everything yet we whine, we fail take up social responsibility, we fail to keep things clean, we fail miserably. If you try, people will mock at you. It is like an inspiring teacher stuck in a class with students who are throwing spitballs. Yes. There is hope.
    There is always hope. Oh! Wait! Such futility!
    I will try to be happy. Let’s try defining that!
    Keep writing though! 🙂 Nice post Kikibee!

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    • Hello Soumya ! Thanks for responding. Yes, what you said about the women is true. And ‘she’ when you speak up, you’re hurt with too many comments. Hope. Lost it.. only thing I tell is to breathe. And be happy. Thank for what is given !
      KiKibee 😃

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