View From The Window

12 thoughts on “View From The Window”

  1. The women you are talking about. They are the strongest of our society. My brother calls us Pedigree breeds. We have everything yet we whine, we fail take up social responsibility, we fail to keep things clean, we fail miserably. If you try, people will mock at you. It is like an inspiring teacher stuck in a class with students who are throwing spitballs. Yes. There is hope.
    There is always hope. Oh! Wait! Such futility!
    I will try to be happy. Let’s try defining that!
    Keep writing though! 🙂 Nice post Kikibee!

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    1. Hello Soumya ! Thanks for responding. Yes, what you said about the women is true. And ‘she’ when you speak up, you’re hurt with too many comments. Hope. Lost it.. only thing I tell is to breathe. And be happy. Thank for what is given !
      KiKibee 😃

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      1. A woman who speaks up must always be prepared to hear comments and must negotiate. If she is prepared to hear comments, she will not be hurt, she will be prepared to respond and not fight. 🙂 Keeping quiet and allowing things to happen… Well that is a crime.

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