All the way – From Pondicherry



Crimson Sunsets-Pale Blue Seas and the pinch of saltiness in air brings you the warmth of serene vibes but there’s nothing quite like Puducherry Beach formerly known as “Pondicherry”.

Standing on the white grainy sands, overlooking the shore, cool Breeze blowing mildly – soothing the storm within or that perfect round glory sinking in the horizon with a hot black tea in hand added slice of lime refreshing your heart.

From somewhere listening to the chirping of birds buzzing in air or the angry waves crashing against the rocks guarding the sea, She is a beauty beyond words having manicured streets, yellow street lights, art centre, walls painted about early times and shops selling goodies or snacks.

If you walk towards the end of the road, there are chain of restaurants lining the road ranging from homely food to yummy five starred meals and roof top dinning areas. All in a French style after all there is a French colony in front of this long scaped beach.
Since there is no vehicle policy in this area, There are huge number of tourists walk-in and out from all parts of world sipping freshly brewed coffee or chewing corn, gulping peanuts or locals drinking alcohol in Pepsi bottles. Oh, I saw that cause I did it too in the night watching the bay. Shhuuush!
Old picture of mine (not much quality) capturing the history posted on the walls. Courtesy of my friend clicking a wandering soul ! 😉

There are other attractive sight seeing areas like Auroville ! But this beach adds to my all time favourite spot and the walks between the French colony. She is an incredible beauty!

Picture Credits : Abhiram Ramachandran

And the last one, I don’t really remember who took cause its almost three-four years that I’ve visited Pondicherry tagging along two girls. However, since I’m staying in Chennai now, I can visit her anytime. 😉

Love you all!

A memoir may be! To all those travel times 😀


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