The Hope, she believed in destroyed her peace

                           From being Friends to acquaintances,

Called her the Immature one’




For being the silly out of the lot¿

Feelings, That shadows her all day

Just cause she was daring to be¿

For believing in humanity that didn’t exist

For Hoping some selfless knuckleheads

To be KIND? 

and all she was broken

A Broken Heart And Fragile Soul

A Soul, Laughed upon as many times

Like A Curse beneath her skin,

Her turmoil made her alone

Yet found a new friend in the darkness, 


As gentle the breeze & a brewing browns in hand

She held out to seek his presence

Like always the shadow that sought her comfort

Embraced her demons that awaken her spirit!

Though this is a response to the Mindlovemiserysmenagerie Photo Challenge #132, this is also some scribbles from Heart. Something like that, however, that’s why we all are writers and poets at the night. Right?

I am Hurt. And I chose not to be by being  silent. But a mask will always fall off if you’re a hyperactive soul like mine. I’ve no answers to the questions that’s taunting my heart till when! I’m quite disappointed with everything but I’m happy in my small pleasures of life. Childish, maybe? Sigh* I don’t know. I’m trying to find peace in me. Or more like what happened to me? Day by day, I’m losing each one far away in my circle but what really bothering me is my own failure to be confident and somewhere along the way, my self-esteem.  Bored?

If that’s what you call these days, Meditate on a Happy Book. Yes, I’m reading those or can you suggest some? or ways how to fight these morons   assh*les   who just find happiness in other’s misery?




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