Picture Credit: Google Images Waiting for thy night To be in your arms Moment seizes  When droplets wash  drenches my warmth, Lifts vulnerability Awaken the abandoned soul A fortunate stroke of Serendipity A Vibe A Mere existence -I  didn't know Dance in waves All Over Me! -KikiBee

A Big Circle

="text-align: center;"> Appreciate if you're born as a Human. (In the right kind) If you know what I mean!  "What I sow, I reap" Karma. What goes around, comes around?  If you throw the temper down the universe, you'd see the stars that sparkle but you don't know that cause you can't see them. You're... Continue Reading →

All The Light We cannot See

When they were told to dress up nice, smile often and to be polite to the guests.  When they played along by bursting crackers and firing rockets that shoot up in the air in bright colours. When their eyes twinkle in all the light we cannot see When their smile can't brighten enough to the empty... Continue Reading →

Puzzles Of Life

“The living and the dead, The awake and the sleeping, The young and the old are all one and the same. When the ones change, they become the others. When those shift again, they become these again... Day and night are one. Goodness and badness are one. The beginning and the end of a circle... Continue Reading →

Jeffrey Archer: Kane and Abel

'They had only one thing in common'-Fate. William Lowell Kane and Abel Rosnovski, the former being the son of a Boston millionaire and like legacy, all being bankers. The later being the penniless Polish immigrant, son of late Baron (characteristic of one nipple  who once had a fancy castle until Germans ruin them all in... Continue Reading →

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