Jeffrey Archer: Kane and Abel


‘They had only one thing in common’-Fate.

William Lowell Kane and Abel Rosnovski, the former being the son of a Boston millionaire and like legacy, all being bankers. The later being the penniless Polish immigrant, son of late Baron (characteristic of one nipple  who once had a fancy castle until Germans ruin them all in 1915. Both born on the same day in different places cross their paths in their relentless struggle when they build their fortune fuelled by hatred. 

A story span of sixty years (1906–1967) of two powerful ambitious men and their ruthless struggle to sail profoundly until saved, finally to destroy each other. The Plot covers of three generations in war, jealousy, love, hatred, and misery.

“Only three things mattered about a hotel: position, position and position.”
Jeffrey Archer, Kane and Abel

In 2013, when I bought this book knowing that it’s a classic and probably being the best sellers of Archer. Well, I got to finish it off today and let me tell you this isn’t disappointing at all because I’m aware of his Clifton Chronicles and this doesn’t come as any surprise with political drama and many historical revelations in it.

What’s more dysfunctional in here are the names, Kane and Abel. Is Archer trying to bring some connections from the Bible¿ AND they aren’t brothers.

“Never seek the wind in the field—it is useless to try and find what is gone.” Your”
Jeffrey Archer, Kane and Abel

Abel formerly known as Wladeck Koskiewicz is a penniless orphan who is adopted by a poor Polish family of nine where Jasio is a trapper working in Baron’s estate. His birth mother passed away giving birth to him. Baron visits this poor fellow house and asks for Wladek being the only boy that’s capable of providing a competition to his son, Leon. As days went by he became increasingly fond of the fierce, dark haired Wladek boy. However, when the Russians captured them, threw them in dungeons fed with goat’s milk, cabbage soup, and sometimes black bread, survived for four years. Kane is born into a life of privilege—the only son of a powerful Boston banking millionaire. His son William turns out to be good in Mathematics and achieves Harvard Mathematics scholarship like a piece of cake. The story is cast in Poland, Boston, Russia, NewYork, Chicago and sometimes Germany invasion. The historical aspects of the novel were also very intriguing. The sinking of the Titanic, WWII, and the US stock market collapse in 1929 all had a profound impact on the character’s lives. Both leading parallel lives eventually leading their paths in NewYork. 

“If you have to pay a bill, always make it look as if the amount is of no consequence.”
Jeffrey Archer, Kane and Abel

Again, if you’re a fan of historical fiction, family, and political drama, you shall love reading this. Though I felt in the beginning maybe it has some Khaled Hossain storyline in it. But NO! It’s a pullover and definitely a HIT!

SO, Overall I like the book giving it a 5/5 ratings

4820Jeffrey Howard Archer, Baron Archer of Weston-super-Mare (born 15 April 1940) is an English author and former politician.
He was a Member of Parliament and deputy chairman of the Conservative Party, and became a life peer in 1992. His political career, having suffered several controversies, ended after a conviction for perverting the course of justice and his subsequent imprisonment. He is married to Mary Archer, a scientist specializing in solar power. Outside politics, he is a novelist, playwright and short story writer.

If you too have read the book,

I’d like to know why Sarah Lester angry with Willian Kane? and perhaps isn’t it an abrupt ending? I want to know Richard life, Will he take over the Lester Bank enterprise. (Sigh! Too many queries)

With full questions in my mind, I’m signing off until next I come up with Prodigal Daughter. (Kane & Abel #2)

OR a Stephen King Book? What say?

What you guys had been reading? Any good suggestions?


“Fortune favours the brave”
Jeffrey Archer, Kane and Abel


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