Puzzles Of Life

“The living and the dead,
The awake and the sleeping,
The young and the old are all one and the same.
When the ones change, they become the others.
When those shift again, they become these again…
Day and night are one.
Goodness and badness are one.
The beginning and the end of a circle are one….” – Heraclitus

Of all the faces I met or smile, I get to see them smile. Talk. And a little more about themselves and their narration of a perfectly dysfunctional Life or how ‘awesome’ Life is when they’re on verge of their happy masks failing. No one is the same. They’re glad, you’ve obstacles at the first place or perfectly jealous of that dimple in your face.

Happiness is not a virtue, it’s a poison you inhale and feel – endure it for quite ‘some’ time. But there is no happiness in talking behind somebody back. If you can appreciate each other that is then, which I doubt now.

The Lies, The Trust, The Affection, The Options, The Choices; Well, Nothing remains genuine and that’s the pain of Life.

The truth is only ‘few’ people care about you and that’s your parents. If NOT, nobody else.

Friends care about you and ‘wants’ you to do good BUT not better than them. Yes That too.

I met some who gets paid but doesn’t do any work and still need funds (cash on demand) for everything to be done, used or whatever your need be it labourers, Technicians or Teachers. Doctors. Yes That clan too. In exchange gossips, treats, gifts or EXTRA money, I wonder what went wrong. Where is the Humanity? Or how selfish have the world be!

Today, My silence is just another word for pain. “Frustration”, of a useless self-centered people around me.

Including me.

Only when?

When will I be a monster?

Or have I become?


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