All The Light We cannot See

When they were told to dress up nice, smile often and to be polite to the guests. 

When they played along by bursting crackers and firing rockets that shoot up in the air in bright colours.

When their eyes twinkle in all the light we cannot see

When their smile can’t brighten enough to the empty stomachs filled

When all they knew is to plaster toothy grins and cling on to your little fingers

When we smile to the hidden talents they proudly perform and to the dreams that the world whisper in their ears

All in all, we end being a helping hand, a HERO to those innocent souls who doesn’t have a friend, guardian or a loving parent.

May this Deepavali be as colourful as you brighten up each dark soul lingering out there. Wishing all Friends A bright and blessed Future. Remember to Be a HUMAN rather than the devil in this life. If that helps! slide_1.jpg


P.S : Never underestimate the Deepavali celebration in Chennai, as I got no sleep in two days and maybe three if tonight too doesn’t stop. There are bombs blasting n midst of my slumber and migraines I wake up to and not a pleasant weekend I can assure. I’ve fond memories of Diwali be it my childhood or my ex-college and not more as I silently haunt this apartment through the weekend until Monday comes with workaholism. However, I’d wish all  a Happy Diwali if it brings Good over evil, innocent smiles and loved ones together.


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