A Big Circle

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Appreciate if you’re born as a Human. (In the right kind) If you know what I mean! 

“What I sow, I reap”

Karma. What goes around, comes around?  If you throw the temper down the universe, you’d see the stars that sparkle but you don’t know that cause you can’t see them. You’re blind with your anger, the quick to lose it. Have you experienced it? For the wrong timings, you end up losing the cool face you’d a minute ago? A total Zero?


We all been there at some part of life when lost in ways more than one or being low at the critical point and they all want to be nice. Right? Zer0? And every possible wall you built had to crumble down at that moment. Zero. Zero.

Okay. Let’s rephrase the whole situation. When you fail by a digit in your boards and all the peeps especially the retards who have luck in the last minute freaking pass! Woah totally kills your esteem. Or you just pass by a flick of one number. 1-0  Damn, a genius!

 It takes moon walk to slide through zero to infinity like consistency, patience, Persistence and never dying determination in a repeat mode. Yes, the drive to success. All that jealousy, malice ain’t good for you. It’s not the time for you to shine. (maybe) If you’ve not seen the light at the end of the tunnel you’ve not reached your ultimatum. you’re just rolling !

You may have noticed by now the kind of zero moments in your graph, where it’s pretty much the same when looked back. A repeat crisis. When you don’t have pockets to fill pennies or have a roof on top of your head or loved ones around you, you feel sick of being a loser. You cultivate what you know the best Anger and Hatred. 

In a long survival line, everyone reaches the rock bottom, the zero gravity. A big circle. 


Whatever you do; if it’s good, it rekindles positive things and if it’s wishing for somebody downfall you know where you reach. 

All the small things do matter. Whatever you gift your universe, it nurtures your growth, your well being and all that makes you a human. No one is born perfect however, you can try to be nice and not be arrogant.

How do you treat the people who work under you?

How do you wish your colleagues to be in life?


Karma is a bitch,




Maturity is when you’ve the power to destroy someone who did you wrong but you just breathe, walk away and let Life kill them.

This post is written in line with the 

Prompt : Write a post on 0 (Zero). Write anything- humor, short story, haiku, poem, or a memory.


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