Life as we know it

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Gone are the days of my life, I’d say

Carrying the Sunken old dreams, I’d fade

Little did I know

Like the caged Catholic nuns quibble

The Unpredictability, I’d foresay

Like the pouch, I wear every day

Like the hope in verge of tears, I’d explode

Never, Life was easy

Wait for insanity to pour down

Wait for rainbows to shine

A battle, They’d solace

‘Two sides of same coin’, I may say

“Life as we know it”,

Your conscience may proclaim…

“Just when you think it can’t get any worse, it can.

And just when you think it can’t get any better, it can.”

–Nicholas Spark’

The Lady in the above picture is a catholic immigrant. However, I don’t have a Mother Theresa image that I’m aware of in the catholic throng. I must say, It’s totally delusional to venture the old category but all reaches there in no time. Right? As far as I know months are like counting the  finger tips. And the phrase, ‘Forever Young’ , a poker face or the bickering men and women out there. Ahh, I get it okay! 

Between that angel in lacy white robe is never the abbess you wish to encounter. Probably, an witch old  fancy pants upgraded, I should say. 😀 (Oops, I thought of being nice in here)

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