Journey Of a UN-PREDICTABLE Life

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cropped-images-21.jpgIf one phenomenon that’s still predictable could be my lazy bones being guilty. Lying in that comfy couch and watching endless series or reading books could be mine as well as your life situation only difference to some, folks nagging you for not being the perfect person or near to perfectionism at my age.

Unpredictability is my thing.

My way of living.

There wasn’t any God to save me, while I was crossing road and thinking of ways of how to deal with stress and situations in life. I didn’t bother about the people gathered around me because I was worried about the passport, cash and documents flying in the air. Even if you met with an accident, you don’t want to create a scene in the middle of road, just because a lady teacher was running late for annual day function. You stand up to realise you can’t get up and finally the auto driver tries to make you understand. “It’s okay”, you met with slight injuries only to see they were shouting at her for bumping me and she was trying to negotiate with them. When I retired to the room, I’d a big lump on my head and heavy bruises on my back and legs. Thank You saviour! (for small injuries only) but my own friends didn’t ask for the disastrous makeover. Only to realise acquaintances were more concerned and I’d stayed in bed for a week, not able to move until exams came. AND I miserably failed.

(Matheikal Sir, Whenever I type something about ‘friendship’, I remember what you said in one of my previous post, ((Deleted the post, due to lot of controversy) I totally agree- As Life ages, you’d cherish the person next to you or YOU in times of mischief than happiness. Thank You, always in back of head!) 

Fast Forward. >>>

So once I CHOSE to be in Chennai for my higher studies, I never knew my circle of friends, I once HAD or still have (less aquaintained) were the ‘gems’ I acquired. Graduating from a popular University to choose another college (I’ve never heard) and the facilities– Don’t utter them. If you learn to be in harmony with surroundings, infrastructure, then it’s faculty you’ve to come harmony with it. GOD, WHY DOCTORS JOIN AS TEACHERS? If they don’t want to teach, why? (I ask myself all day) They major in Candy Crush saga and Sarcasm to best! If you learn to be in harmony with teachers, next is materials. Aren’t we paying fees ? Why there is no materials provided? Why isn’t all the equipments not given for maintainence? Prehaps, buy a new equipment? It’s sacrifice for a doctor to pay for each patient treatment plan and Laboratory works. Patient treatment comes as first modality for a doctor and many times student doctors have to pay from their pockets. (Not all colleges face this, I assure you) The problem is when politicians take over the College management, they don’t realise the importance of Health Care. Be it, a functional restroom could be made essential!!!! Honestly, I don’t know how to voice up this very issue that’s really irking me from day one. However, all of them just leave it at that.

I’m surrounded with kind of people who are borne with selfishness from birth. From envy, jealous, superficial, selfish, and GOD knows what next? And literally I’m shocked for most times in here. Practically, I’m trying to be in harmony with whole situation for sixth month in row and from now on to another three years.

Every day of my life is unpredictable and I can’t solely put it into a single moment.

If you’ve patience to read this till end, (If you did) you’d know how really suck up scenario I’m in.

How is it (PEOPLE) be blind to the drainage or sewage that’s flowing around all over the state ? Sometimes, I doubt the purity of water I use from early morning gurgling to wash myself! I just crossed over the topic to discussion, maybe. It’s just unpredictable coming from luxiourious life, I should say. For now. 

The Post is written in line with the

–Frustrated Doctor Kikibee

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    1. Thank You Sir for hopping by! Actually, I recently started using the prefix in here…sounds cool?
      Hope it could be better. It’s been the same from 90’s! So I doubt a ‘change’ until Modi visits here.
      It’s not just the pay, the sanitation or the hygiene of these places does matter.. that’s also in vain. All goes well when inspection comes… So it’s a pretty much, mind wrecking !


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