The Reality, We seek!

Truth and reality will always be a ‘debate’ until we choose darkness upon us. 16174572_10212215283443541_3636890514832l929537_n

When one side of the country wants to ban PETA for its involvement in Jalikattu, a cultural game embarking the Pongal tradition where as the other side voices for the cruelty that’s done to the innocent creatures.

It’s a tradition that happens once a year, where Tamilians treat bulls like how parents nurture their kids pampering and tendering to their needs until they run behind the kid with a stick who has a school report card in hand. It’s all love, says one side.

Still, most know it all says, it’s a science of breeding Bulls. The strongest bulls are bred with the cows and an offspring can produce A2 protein(beta-caesin) a dominant trait since 6 native cows are present and all the more reasons to preserve them. Until now, the only breed Malvi (Maharashtra breed) has the gene for A1 protein. However, this bull is used for ploughing and cows bred with this bull are average milk producers.

Artificial insemination is an expensive process and we rely on semen imported from countries like US, Australia, Denmark and New Zealand from Holstein and Friesian bulls and other such breed known to have A1 protein as the dominant gene. Our further generations will have to live with milk rich in A1 protein and also have health issues like type1 – diabetes, autism and so on. (Scientifically proven) Another disadvantage is that the offspring will not be healthy as its genetic pool lacks the genes that are required for it to adapt to the climate and local changes which a native breed has in a higher proportion.

An MNC, A2 Milk Company with its branches residing in US, Australia and New Zealand holds patents for genetically testing whether a cow has an A1 gene or an A2 gene. The patent holds for artificial insemination of an A2 gene bull’s semen which causes A2 gene to become the dominant gene as opposed to A1 which should happen naturally. It suppresses the dominant tendency of A1 gene. Now if all native breeds in India were destroyed then we may have to either make with A1 milk or we may have to pay a hefty amount to this company for using its method to produce cows rich in A2 gene. Now that’s what bothering most of these cattle breeders in Tamil Nadu. The question arises, “When our breeds are perfectly capable of producing A2 milk, why must we be a slave to another MNC company that holds a patent for this?” From where does we get the fund for all these techniques which is a harm for our natural breed. 

In TamilNadu, breeders rear bulls with the intention of showcasing them in Jallikattu. Most of the farmers can’t afford to raise these bulls and are hence reliant on the common bull reared by the entire village rather than a single breeder. The bulls that fare well in the Jallikattu arena are in constant demand for servicing the cows because the bulls used for mating need to be virile, experience adrenaline, peak their testosterone levels that’s fundamental for selective breeding. From the time, the bull is released from Vaadi Vaasal, a small gate from which the bulls are released in line and till it manages to reach the other end (if not subdued) causes the adrenaline hike.

Can this be done without an activity like Jallikattu? roars, the Jallikkattu supporters!

The other side of the country voices up,

How come this isn’t an abuse?

Are the animals enjoying the process?

Aren’t they put in a stressful conditions?

Isn’t it kind of suicide for all those HUMANS that die in this game? SHOUTS, the animal lovers!

“This is not a sport; this is mere brutal wanton torture. Death is preferable to the bull than this torture that neither gives him death nor relief,” said Abhishek Manusinghvi the counsel for the petitioners calling for a ban on the bull taming sort of Jallikattu as told to Times now.

“Reality doesn’t impress me. I only believe in intoxication, in ecstasy, and when ordinary life shackles me, I escape, one way or another. No more walls.”
Anaïs Nin, Incest: From a Journal of Love


“The real world is where the monsters are.” ― Rick Riordan, The Lightning Thief

The school doesn’t teach us what’s worth knowing of how to be rich or be poor or how to love somebody or how to walk away from all the hurdles you face. Nobody tells how you can feel pain or should be feeling it. It’s our perspective of how we seek it. The reality- Should we listen to the pleas of cattle breeders, farmers, youngsters in all TN cultural spirit in numerous selfies, videos or the take by the animal lovers or the MNC that supports PETA rights?

The above two quotes kind of sums up my reality!

This post is in response to Indispire#153

What is actually “Reality” is? what’s your perspective on reality? do you think the world be can be just an illusion?share your thoughts on “Reality”.



Source: Over the days, I’d been the eye to watch over the debate of Tamil culture lovers and animal lovers all over my Facebook page, messages, videos and Whatsapp forwarded texts.

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    • I’ve seen the perspective of many around and their action speaks another. The reality is that which we see and not the words that has no meaning. Here I’m talking about two circles of people. And I’m the third person here.

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