Should I make a lemonade?

When life give you lemons, make a ginger lemonade. Ginger??? Or Vodka you meant. 


Ok boss. (She is gone mad)

Lying down on bed for the third consecutive day. I thought why didn’t I blog? As if college wasn’t fun enough. 

A carelessness, I got into may lose my skin and God knows what. 

Am I suppose to tell my folks that I got burnt by boiling water when I made a cup of tea and it had to fell over my thighs and genital areas.

Am I suppose to send pictures of my private area and make them worried for life? 

You are a doctor. You should know?

No! I’m not. I’m the patient in here.  

Should I go home? 

Is travelling safe? 

All thoughts taunts me as I’m lying on bed. I should, probably watch a movie.  Or read a book. Or blog as I’ve plenty of time. 

Guess what, My mom said me to study. Poor her! She doesn’t get the big picture. 

When you are in a new place, everybody wants to help. When you actually need help, everybody has an excuse. That’s life. Life that give lemons in plenty. 

Patient Kikibee. 

P.S: I’m not depressed. Maybe I’m devastated. 

Everyday I’d look at my scar and I’d definitely say, you are going to be a beauty until grave. 

Will you do that? 


3 thoughts on “Should I make a lemonade?

  1. Hey Kikibee, it’s the fallacy of life that makes me wonder on the nitty gritty of life or the worries that afflict our soul. It’s a phase and you never know, sometimes something good may come out of it.


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