Ignite thy inner demon

DancerShattered, every single day

drowning in a bottom of blues

Hoping, situations differ

Earnestly, raise my toast to every new day

Wishing, Happiness ignite my inner demon

Yet defeated every single time, I tried.

For a very long time, my soul bled in words that I can’t decipher

Hello to detonation!

ONE YEAR, Phew!! It wasn’t easy. It wasn’t easy for me to accustom to a new place, new surroundings, new people and many little things that I couldn’t adjust even today! Hardly, there wasn’t a day I could smile in peace. Yet, There were innumerable stuff or overwhelming emotions I couldn’t possibly find a solution and in midst sought help, tried, and yet all failed tremendously. It was again reaching the same crossroad, stuck not knowing what to do or how am I suppose to face the toxic people for the next two years or more. How to learn when there is no teaching done or how to pay cash when you still depend on your folks. When that guilt of realizing that hard earned cash goes to greedy man pocket and yet no education learned. Tired of talking to discuss this every single day to every person I know.

I’d say, Let it go. However, it keeps haunting me every day.

It’s tough to feel these emotions for many days, this deep empty feeling or intense sadness.

I was losing my friends, my self-esteem, my confidence to face fear.

I tried to switch my weekends to productivity since there weren’t places I could hang out or friends.

I want to STOP.

I want to STOP it all.

Every single day, I try to move on with my life rather than fuss to endless things I could think. Nevertheless, I couldn’t take the bits of advice from my peers for not pursuing what I should’ve do or done. All were manipulative or selfish in their needs and I being sensitive couldn’t take it at all. Yes, I’d done enough sabotaging my life.

Yes, I’d done enough sabotaging my life.

My time.

My energy.

The Best revenge is not to be revenge at all but to move forward in your life and become Fabulous and Focused.

Let the past go. 

‘Now’ is the moment

P.S: It takes the time to be where you want to be, however, work for it. And above all, nothing is important as your happiness is concerned.

This is in response to the Daily post on Detonate.




5 thoughts on “Ignite thy inner demon

  1. Stay focused, I’ve been in this situation for more than three years…stand your ground, don’t try yourself to the wall for shit happens to the best of us. Go with the flow but stay focused in the moment. Chew your food and let it swirl inside the tongue before it goes inside.

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