#Skywatch me on a Monday 

Not bad for a Monday view right, Chennai?

Skywatch me, Chennai

Road to Sholinganallur

Summers in Chennai has made me lose my coolness more than once with all heat vaporizing my energy fluids! Tiring, indeed. This view isn’t as bad as it would maybe anyother day not for a nature lover! 😛  It’s hard to find an empty road in Chennai. 😀

P.S: Apparently, my friend thinks those areas where you see the rays are the hottest as it is the hottest day in Chennai. (Is it so?) Thankfully, I don’t stay in that building. 😁🤓

Oh well, everyday it is a scorching summer with a stabbing pain in my head, Always!

Why Chennai are you bloody hot?😈

-Asks Kikibee every single day!

This post is in response to all those lovely skywatchers ! @ skywatch 😉


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