School Sports Day

The prestigous sports day celebration was going on a full swing with school captains, house captains and all their assistants.  For all the children, it was indeed a proud day showcasing their talents in various events. However, for Joel, it wasn’t the same. 

Everyone was wearing colorful clothes and participating in a uniformed rally but he was sitting by the side track and crying out loud for his right ankle sprained. 

For the third year in a row, he could have been the Blue ribbon of the school but didn’t…

We are calling upon our best outstanding student of the school Master Joel D’costa who has not only achieved many laurels and achievements in the interstate level but also scored the highest marks in Mathematics interschool zone in Senior level category. We call upon him to light the torch in the podium and inaugrate today’s events. Please give him a big round of applause”

All were cheering him from the fifth graders to his batch mates and some of his staff were beaming at him…Some whom he doesn’t even know…

He was bewildered. Not only that was his proudest moment he could now proudly tell his parents that he did some good because his folks were never happy with his academics and were never supportive of his achievements in sports. 

Above all, his mother was waving at him from the podium with the headmistress…


-And there is me scribbling the end, hehe Kikibee 


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