Will time permit?

Hello Sir“, Here there is Ms. Sarah waiting to meet you!

Okay, Sir! “Thank you

The hotel receptionist ended the call and handed me an access card to the top floor.

I smiled after a very long time of worrying and planning for the person who stayed above.

Your floor is here, squealed the elevator

Again I smiled. I stepped out with my phone in my hand and turned right to the hallway.

There he was standing at the door with a towel to cover his chest. And yet my eyes went to the phone that buzzed continuously.

Who would talk to me at this point of time?

Ahh, Airtel! 

Oh, I got a text from my colleague. Hmm.. nothing as such… still my eyes were glued to the phone in my hand.

We went inside the room and started talking. We ended up talking about my phone network, the room network and all sorts of bad. From ‘I tried calling you, to my phone is dead’, the conversations went on. Yet, we didn’t greet each other with a kiss or a formal talk of how he been.

His plans to Vellore got canceled. He was indecisive not knowing whether to stay another day or not and that quality I inherited, and the temper too. Nevertheless, I pushed him to leave soon. Probably, the only daughter who doesn’t want her father to be here for so long, wasting money and spending unnecessary expense and later grumbling for nobody’s good.

We went shopping for the goods in his stationery shop and I was bickering about the money wasted. There another one quality I got from him. The salesperson smiled at my grumbling tone like a child, he was buying all glittery things. And I’d go, Whatttt? Are you serious?

We dine in a restaurant above, cause I was so hungry by the endless shopping. He was worried that I was walking alone at night to the hostel and I was worried, whether he will get a transport to his hotel. I smiled that night and slept peacefully.

The very next day, I’d to constantly remind myself, my father is here in Chennai being the irresponsible child that tends to forget easily. So, he came to my college and paid the fee due and I talked to him about his departure and reminded him to eat his lunch. After booking Ola cab, I bid my bye to him with a kiss on his cheek. Yes! Probably, the time I had cried for the person I consider ‘my home’ in this lonely place I’m living for months and a record of the longest time I’d spend talking to him. This shall never happen again. Not because I didn’t value it. If at home, this doesn’t never happen between us. You hardly see a loving father in those thousand layers of anger and worry. (Sigh.. no, he isn’t a bad person… bought u in an old fashioned way and has time for TVcoms and  Whatsapp)

I’d dreaded the moment of his arrival and being the grumpy person all day.  Surprisingly, it didn’t happen. Though I should say, it was one of my happy moment of a hassle free well spent time with my dad!

“Happiness lies within your mind”

Everyday. I try to keep fewer expectations of people and situations around me so I don’t get disheartened. Decisions made in times of despair can actually ruin the required results to be achieved.  Try to make use of time. Writing had helped me to an extent and painting too. It’s a long struggle to live life happily. It’s a blessing to live your life healthily.

Living Life at the moment is Important

Let Go of the past and let go of your future. 

 The Time is NOW!

However, remember ‘you are precious’! 

A precious child of God

God loves you.

Kikibee is happy’

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.’



2 thoughts on “Will time permit?

  1. Writing is so therapeutic! It’s true about places that we make home and becomes such a part of ourselves. With time, I have decided not build too much expectations for it can hurl. But, time gives us the opportunity to heal and let this invisible power take you along.


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