Book Review: Soul Sojourn #BlogchatterEbookcarnival

Hello, Readers!! I’m back with an E-book review this time for the amazing BlogChatter Ebook carnival with 35 books to read. Being the writer of heart gets connected with the potpourri of emotions so very well, that’s why I chose Soul Sojourn as my first Ebook to review.  The book is about poignant of ideas, thoughts and various emotions, all portrayed in an image of a true writing soul. It is divided into ‘pitstops’ lingering on a thought and the writer voices her perception of that thought of the day.
Tina Sequeria is a management professional, a teacher, a writer and a mother of a bright young girl, having published her writings on several sites such as Women’s web, Readomania, and Mycityforkids. Hailing from Kerala, raised in Telangana and lived in California for a couple of years & is currently residing in Hyderabad. Her ardent love of writing has made up images, characters, and stories, letting it out as words for all her creativity.


What I liked about the book?

Short and Sweet.

Sometimes we overthink and have some overwhelming emotions that we tend to neglect it in times of despair. Either we approach these thoughts by slowly scrutinizing them with every possible manner (thinking too much) however, we can overcome it by being positive or remain negative forever destroying yourself.

From being authentic to zap the situations, Tina talks how to deal negativity and increase your self-esteem little day by day, some inspirational and few being mundane ramblings that have some substance to change the life. In more ways than one, I could relate many of her thoughts, in fact, I felt surprised to see many similarities in our thoughts. She strongly urges to find oneself and be authentic about it where one should be calm and happy about the same.

The very first time, somebody says, “Boredom is cool”! (There, she said it) However, the thought made me think to more extent of questioning my purpose (I do it, daily) and ‘fascinating’ much of pushing yourself to discover and get out of our cocoons. It’s not relaxing, but a very interesting thought!

Competition does make us push our barriers and fight for our survival. It’s the survival of the smartest era! (True that!)

Getting educated‘ and ‘being educated‘ have a lot of differences. people having an education doesn’t matter anymore. If humanity doesn’t exist, what’s the point of education and if you can’t impart the knowledge you gained to your fellow beings? What does joy of learning does?

It’s all Maya, a mere illusion of an endless vicious cycle where we learn, make mistakes, love, heartbreaks and above all surviving this world. In small steps, we could achieve by peeling off all those heavy layers of stress luring us our hearts and minds letting in peace. She says it’s tough but possible to achieve!

And there is one chapter in her book that you shouldn’t miss and that is “Kaleidoscope”! A beautiful thought provoking one where I’d fail if not mentioned.



Since the words are in such true form of soul that it brings out a beautiful language of reading between the lines, lingering on a true sense of emotions, ideate and perhaps filling papers with it silently! Silence. Yes, is the loudest and most beautiful language of them all. Nevertheless, I can relate to it when I’d never been so silent and years have made me observe my circle of life revolving around people and my existence to mere some.

Highlight: The E-book is pleasing to the reader with gray background and green fonts!

In one word, I would wrap this book saying, Beautiful! And a rating of 5/5*

P.S: I’m looking forward to reading more of your entries, Tina.

PEEPS, If you’ve liked my book review, please comment below and also I’d like to know if any suggestions to improve anything! For those who’d love to read this E-book, click Here.

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8 thoughts on “Book Review: Soul Sojourn #BlogchatterEbookcarnival

  1. I have read Tina’s e book – one chapter each night before I go to sleep. It has been an amazing experience. I re-read it now. Kaleidoscope is my favourite chapter too! I forgot to tell her that, I will now.
    Your review is perfect!

    Liked by 1 person

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