Once, During a Rainy day


Once, During a rainy day…


Picture Courtesy: Pinterest Images


The heavens were pouring wholeheartedly with lush greens and blues mesmerizing a beautiful mosaic of love and mushy air.

And there was she…

Wearing her comfy sweatshirt as always in a size as thrice as bigger than her, reminiscing of a love unfulfilled especially in these rains.

She went to her balcony, a small space to her liking and sat with her legs crossed on the table. She slid her geeky frames, sipped her cup of browns and took out the book that held her heart. She paced through the worn old yellow pages and fading words.


She smiled with a happy memory on her mind, twirling her hair and a childhood crush on the mind. Penned down were her silly romantic lines and for once she laughed it out her innocence.

Around the evening, it didn’t look like anything better than the day… She climbed down the stairs to meet her Chachu who was busy dressing up to go meet his sick friend.

“Chachu, I’d also accompany you”

Why? It’s pouring heavily, Neena!

That’s why I’m coming along too.

What’s this madness? Fine, come!

They reached Hallway market road and turned right to the fifth door in the residential block. They knocked the door for the third time and nobody responded.

Maybe, they’re out. We should go…

No ways, I’d talked to him before! Hmm.. 

Okay, let’s leave.

They walked til the car and that was when the door opened.

Chachu turned to see somebody else standing there at the doorway.

Who are you?

I’m his son came on leave. Aren’t you Sachu? I apologize for not knowing your real name. Papa always talks about you…

“Papa is taking rest now as the meds are sedative”

Hahaha. Yes, my friends lovingly call me Sachu but my name is Sanjay Sharma, a retired Banker. I’m glad you’ve come home, Beta! How’s the navy job going on for you?

All good, Sir!

No formalities.  Please call me Chachu as my niece calls and this is my niece, Neena.


Chachu turned and saw her on the wheels.

“Areyy.. Neena come out!” Look who’s here, this is…

By then, Neena chose to look up from her driver seat and there he was like a flashback with all memories…

-Kikibee scribbles

  ‘This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.’ 



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