Was it Karma?

               Image courtesy: Google Images

She ran behind him who sped away with her money purse. She stumbled on a cemented block, fell hard on tiled surface and got herself injured. Blood oozed out from her knees with a big hole on her new denims. Alas, nobody bothered to be helping hand for crying out loud. The onlookers kept staring as the picture unveiled in front of their eyes. 

The coins jangled on the floor with keys making a heavy mess for the thief had slipped over a makeshift iron rods placed on a gigantic pothole. And there was a sign board displayed with letters, “Work in progress”! 


“Karma has no menu. You get served what you deserve”

Later, the Police caught him redhanded for once Government had some benefits from being uselessness!

Being sarcastic, 

Kikibee 😎


6 thoughts on “Was it Karma?

  1. Kikibee! Now who will argue when I see that you are a terrific story teller! Love the sarcasm in tone and language. Learned a new word, jangle, which I am going to do in one of my articles today.
    Much love

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