Book Review: The Three Flowers – My blooming verses

Hello there !

This time it’s another E-book solely focussing on micropoetry on random words starting from A to Z,  “The Three Flowers – My Blooming Verses” Review from the author Romilaa of novemberschild.

This book is a part of an initiative of blogging challenge, April A to Z where each day you get to write about your theme starting from A to Z! It isn’t an easy task so hats off to Romilaa, in fact, I’d dropped out of the challenge in 2014 when I couldn’t meet up with studying and Exam deadlines. Thereafter, I’ve not tried to participate however, looking forward to it in 2020. Yes, that’s a long way to go.
Micropoetry is an art form that looks easy to an outsider but it takes a lot of an effort to make it rhyme as well as phrases that goes ease on eyes. What you may come across as subtle rambling in a mundane day like that flow in poetry form scribbling in a limited word count or sticking to a single post or a witty theme. Yes, it’s an appreciative talent!

My Take on the E-book:

Short, sweet and Interesting!

A book of 23 pages finished within less than 5 minutes and yet I read it thrice to get the effect of writing a #Thumbsup review.  This book consists of 26 micro-poems from A to Z! (A poem doesn’t need to rhyme.. all it needs to be written from heart) I liked all of her write ups especially few to be named as Angry, Childhood, Daisy, Earth, Ocean… However, don’t miss her throwback page definitely a spoiler! Lastly, I loved the title, The three flowers:  Blooming verses… 😎

“The blue green mother earth cries

Telling her children to hear

Her insight and give back her love”…

– Earth,  Novemberschild

About the Author:

Romilaa aka novemberschild

Romilaa has been blogging since 2004 and this is her second e-book. She has won many accolades and writes for many sites. A blogger, writer and a poetess who has wayward thoughts of profound reflections provoking us to think with a tinge of realisation as well as humour. You can catch her on Twitter handle @romspeaks or her blog!

My Ratings:

For those who like to read micropoetry can give a shot in here! You can download her E-book.

Disclaimer: This isn’t a paid post but a E-book I read in return of much more love and friendship.

-Kikibee signing off and is already on a busy schedule next week. So show me some love via your likes and comments. Plus, I’d like to know what is your current read?


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