Does Love exist?

I hope, I find someone who finds joy in my happiness, grieves in my pain, cherishes my existence like how love is meant to be…

Not the one who hides away to celebrate our togetherness but the one who speaks to Almighty about me… I hope I find someone of my wavelength… someone who skips my heartbeat everytime I fall in love…

Does that someone exist?

No, Does Love exist?

I’ve not felt it what is meant to be loved. However, Life taught me more lessons than love could ever be…

Kikibee 2017

6 thoughts on “Does Love exist?

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  1. Most people deem love’s existence as sacrificial, that it takes away more than it gives and while it is true, at times love itself is taken for granted and it is considered as a stand alone project. This four-letter word is nothing by an extra layer on concrete, maniacal friendship. The moment love appears, we should start developing and fortifying friendship.


    1. Over the years, I’d seen is sacrificing love and nothing in return. Like it’s a duty of a human being… or just a four letter word in books and fairytales that doesn’t exist or wears off in years… something like that?


  2. Life is powerful and invisible energy that can or should go beyond intimacy of love making or sex. I have always believed in free love minus expectations. You’ve painted your view of love like the breeze air and a beautiful heart. At times, I long and crave for someone. I plan to pen a post on the other blog this week. You are muse and inspiration for the post:)

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