My Teachers


Words encouraging enough to polish us better

That little push to climb over hurdles


Sacrificing to just see that smile.

To hear those words of upliftment.

That relief of getting it done in spite to pull our lazy socks,

And yell it loud before examinations

“We can do it”.

Months of cramping on books of Greek and Latin

Googling of stress-free bubbles

Praying for memory that doesn’t fade

Until exams dated to anxious results

Too many pages in life to cherish

Reminiscent of good old school days

Inspiring words I reckon, still
Handful of them who believed in me

When I lost hope many times.

When I couldn’t figure out life

When I knew, I was capable still to hear from them, can’t adhere the myriad of emotions

Many times.

Sarcasm, to fight back when teacher paint it on our faces

Though we’d turn three sixty degree

It was always for our benefit, I’d say

Cause they cared, a maternal instinct?

Is it so?

Or a professional commitment?

I’d think about these angels!

Maybe, that one teacher could be made a difference!

Out of many who chose bright students.

Or how fondly we call them, “Pets”!

From School to Medical School,

From lectures to scoldings,

Climbing stairs to Library

Seeking answers to questions

When our thinking hats wears off

Only Appreciation of gratitude

To people who we come across in life
Today, I may not be in my best place of excellence. But to the place, I’ve come up to I’d thank a million times for that little push of my lazy bones or a pat on the back for the faith you had in me. For you teachers, a thousand times over!

Not on a September 5th, I’d post on the blog about them. Some days I’d remember a random classroom scene, or the stressful viva days or that particular teacher who scolded you just cause you can do hundred times better! Angels. I must say

Kikibee on a heart wrecking note signs off!

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4 thoughts on “My Teachers

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  1. Wow loved your poem 🙂 .. Your writings reminded me of my school days and all my teachers whom I still adore. They are the ones who have helped me and molded me and thus have influenced what I am right now.

    Neha (Sharing our experiences)

    Liked by 1 person

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