In my blurry vision,

Watching bokeh lights of orange

These city lights were pretty much the same

All day, every day gazing over my battles of solitary

Blinking to my myriad of thoughts

Wanted a pause button for some while now.

Looking above into an abyss of shades

Of dusky blue and gray scales

Wondering which building stood strong

The one without any lights yet tall

Secluded without any neighboring companions

Or the one with many windows

Shining in its glory of illumination

Or the one with branches mimicking the brother

Out of three that’s facing my loneliness

A rooftop out of the blue, I loiter

I linger with my endless void

Trapped between hues of blue

My eyes stung with colors of darkness

Despair to touch the mighty one-

Hands out of reach

 in a line of my comfort zone,

My Heart

Somewhere to be on top

Somewhere all I’m loved

Somewhere at the end

That’s what Life will be…

The city of lights was gazing at me

With a sunken heart,

Drenched within, looked over the building

standing still amidst the lightning and blaring rains!

A striking beauty with no power

Yet the glory of the spotlight shone on it!

(Thanks to the city of lights…)

How I wished my life could


P.S: I’m taking my blog to the next level with #myfriendalexa by Blogchatter. As of today, (third week) 3,861,611(GR) and 357,255 (IR) from 8th September 2017 3,805,887 (GR) and 3,53,297 (Indian Rank)



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