Patterns of Life

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Life is never a bed of roses. We should believe it’s one, fake it till you make it a bed of happiness! download

When my coworker casually smirked and said,”I’m immature” I didn’t like it a bit. I got offended and instantly angry. I reacted to a baseless conversation. When he is as immature as me, there I said it. I blamed him for all the nuisances. Maybe it was easy for him, Life was served on a platter for him and that in happiness. 

However, this wasn’t the first time!

I’d fought with my friends numerous times and luckily one of them told after all the fights, It’s okay to fight, after all in every friendship there should be somebody to fight. I let it go. I smiled.

Years later, many instances made me go crazy sacrificing my time, wasting my energy when I relied on many people who weren’t true to me. Again, I recalled being very sensitive. I attracted toxic people and always unsatisfied like unhappy in life not knowing where it all went wrong.

Lost contacts.



Let it Go.



Hating self for these emotions.

Today, my mother believes that I’m as irresponsible as a ten-year-old. Maybe, today ten-year-olds are way better! My brother gangs up too with my mother. They feel I should be knowing life responsibilities and learn cooking.

Now, I don’t blame anyone. I blame myself! For today, I can see from where does I get these emotions as I see my father. However, it’s a pattern I could clearly see with more negativity surrounding self which I tend to overthink a lot. Nope. I’m not blaming my pop. My Mother still believes that it’s a learning path to not to be someone like him. Apparently, my sister is a living example to that frivolous temper! And I shall be one if I don’t stop.

I’m participating in the Write Tribe Problogger October 2017 Blogging Challenge through October and will be following the prompts suggested.

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23 thoughts on “Patterns of Life

  1. Very honest post, I must say! Appreciate your courage to write bravely. In management principles, it is taught that one should know the blind spots. And once you know them, half the battle is won! So I can see that you are already a winner!
    – Anagha From Team MocktailMommies

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  2. Oh believe me my temper was like a raging fire! When ever i was angry i bent towards a pattern of showing it on ppl i love the most for i always knew that they would understand me and see better of me in any instance. But it was very wrong what i did and i realized that when one of my friend expressed her concern in a heart felt talk i had with her years back. Then i started to change my ways and My God! controlling that temper of mine was a hefty task. I followed an age old trick. I used to count 20 and sit silently without uttering a word and eventually i started to see change in me!

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    • Wow. I’d seen this trick but never implemented. It actually works? You are the second person to tell me this. It wasn’t just temper. There were a repetition of many ascepts like blaming others, finding excuses and above all laziness. It’s quite interesting when you actually silently try to observe your surroundings and your reactions to the outside world.

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  3. Life is a learning process.What we think a positive influence may actually turn out to be a negative one and vice versa.So stay open to changes, learn, rectify, spread happiness and do good things.

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    • We can’t rectify what they did wrong. Only we can be better.. or try to be better. Thanks Mayuri. I’m glad you not liked it but had an opinion as well. Do you feel too something like this?


  4. We cannot let others victimise us for our virtues, can we? Some people attract negativity and some people live it. You are on the right track by distancing yourself from the wrong set. Move on. 🙂

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  5. Accepting the problem, is the first step to success. I know that temper and I work on it daily. Some days I succeed and some days I don’t, but the key is to continue trying and never stop. All the best

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  6. It’s important to introspect and look within. When we do that it helps us to be free from the influence of negativity and add positive changes in our life. Have a great week, Jensy 🙂

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