Incurable, if left behind

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It’s hard to watch your loved one is facing from a terminal disease go through some extreme phases of life and you being a ‘close friend’ can’t do anything to ease out her pain.

Our society is still jeopardized when people encounter a terminal illness, be it handicapped or any others. Today, Depression is nothing different probably, adding to the list.

She is in her late 30s and a mother of two. Now, a person whom I knew from childhood, a cheerful one never knew how life could be so misfortunate and must say had her share of problems growing up being eldest in a conservative family.

She asks me, “What went wrong? Why mee? ”

I’ve no answer rather be a helping ear to her sadness.

Your parents trust you and your family lends her hand for marriage yet you’ve come up with hell number of reasons to not like her after marriage, after having kids and after having the complete ‘tasteless’ food that you always complain. How self-centered are You? What makes you think money will satisfy your greed? And what are you like a ten-year old boy to run to your mother for all the problems and to discuss everything to your mother? Why do you marry?

Today, couples don’t have something that the ancestors had or our family cherished. And that’s communication! 

I ask men, is sex all you care and producing kids. Who cares the kids? All you care is a bunch of soccer repeats? What about your family? What about the kids who need bread?

No, I’m not being materialistic. Just thinking the financial status of the groom… Being dominant, bossy or sarcastic in life never reaches you places.

When going goes tough, why do you run away from responsibilities?

Why do you pledge on a life forever if you are not ready for marriage rather than dowry?

Friends, all I ask you is to be a human. The society lacks today is not education. For all I see the people running to achieve something rather the basic necessity to bewitch your loved ones. Where did all morals go?

She is in her late 30s, not divorced but broken marriage. She is been writing on domestic violence and emotional abuse on various platforms. Kudos to that. She has been on anti-depressants tabs for a long while. However, I’m sure she is better than yesterday. But worse in dealing life, every day constantly talking on un-incredible Indians and it’s living scenarios. I’m sure she is not concerned about Indians. She has become one pathetic excuse of living life. Looking at her, I wish her to fight, to survive. But I see all her struggles, all her co-workers run away as she speaks up her mind.

If you come across somebody who desperately needs a helping ear. Do so even if it’s to hear the frustrating tone of your friend a million times.

Today all are using their technology to extent of forgetting your birth parents and children. Yet, when simply speaking up or a hug can solve some misunderstandings or sometimes prevent somebody to suicide. I hope you come across this little piece of what I feel about depression and the alarmingly rising numbers nearby you.

Recently, one of my coworker’s voice up saying, Girls, should learn cooking. It is something they should learn prior to marriage. They can work but after conceiving its difficult to adjust for that they can stay in a house. He added, he is very broadminded and all. 

This was just one voice, but a voice of many boys still in today. Broadminded?


If you felt like me or against this opinion of mine, please do comment below for I’d like to read your feedback as well.

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-Doctor Kikibee


17 thoughts on “Incurable, if left behind

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  1. I am sorry about your friend.
    She is the many who suffer, some silently others openly. Yes, change is needed but when it will actually come about we don’t know.
    Hope it does soon, though.

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  2. This whole thing about learning cooking is so narrow-minded and makes me wonder in which world he lives in. It’s so sad to see your friend struggling and how her ex-husband has made life hell. Hope he rots in hell for inflicting such harm but pray your friend gets the courage.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. This post isn’t just about cooking, Vishal. It’s a post of three excerpts from three different ones who tells about life. I’m just highlighting the one where man of late 20s feel about women and calls himself broad minded. Of course cooking, looking after kids is one thing and if you can manage job as well it’s awesome.. but it’s a tradition men work and is tired to sit lazily at homes. However women is suppose to work from morning to night ?

      Liked by 2 people

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