Life in times of Corona Virus: The Indian chapter

Historically, different era teaches us different lessons to help us learn. We humans never learn from the past, ponders about present and anxious about future. With this vigorously-vivid deadly virus, it has affected us intimately and economically in numerous ways.

One question the media keeps asking is how this corona phase shall change us – for better? Or for worse? What are the things you will look forward too once this pass? What has C19 stolen from you during the short time?

The only difference before pandemic and after pandemic,  there won’t be any difference to people idiosyncrasy.  They still crave for attention, money and greed. Such is the life of human nature. Virus or no-virus, politics and religion shall still continue stepping over people sentiments and values. 

Over the years, the culture have changed, the costumes varied, the languages have changed, the places have changed, and there seems no morals today. We are all part takers of these changes. Yet you ask what has been stolen? This little monster have grasped us our society, our work places, our festivals, our slums, our gatherings, our relationships, our health, our educational sectors, our restaurants,  our theatres, our stadiums what not… Right?vector-hand-draw-sketch-illustration-virus-bacterial-disease-earth-using-n-mask-isolated-white-simple-172372064

Social distancing was the first initiative in preventing C19 which has stolen the intimate relation of touch and speech, guarding ourselves from the person next is not just important but a necessity. Within a month or two, we got adapted to a new trend of masking our faces with varying shades of greens and blues. That being a trend setter, there is a whole varieties available in designs and colours. You just have to pay a hefty amount likes the ones for santisizers and gloves. In hopes of finding to purchase them cheap. If not, you may pay a fine from Rs. 200/- to Rs. 5000/- (So, go get the trendy face masks or go with head and neck completely cloth wrapped in rounds and rounds!)


We never knew the days can go faster, at this pace, not knowing the date, time or week – formulating every day as a Sunday. Aren’t you? When there were targets to complete, month-end meetings, school day functions denoting days with dates as reminders were an assurance something was going in right path but not the kind to wake on all Sunday likely days. Dreading of what to do, Isn’t it? 

During this Corona chapter, it’s really disheartening to see less people gathered around funeral places. If you have unexpected guests in a house, that will be a funeral gathering. For its our culture to pay respects for the deceased even if you miss the weddings and happy fests. Departure from this world is surrendering one own responsibility to others is one way of putting up with death. Bidding a good farewell to your loved one is the utmost respect you pay. That’s why maybe our mourning days aren’t over for actors, Irrfan Khan or Rishi Kapoor or paid our debts in full for our loved ones who didn’t get enough respect or the good will. It’s sad, when we couldn’t be a part of any rituals or bid a proper good bye. Yet again, corona stole our morals, our rituals and culture from us. 

Religious places have been closed since March and will be shut for long. That doesn’t lower the beliefs of faithful ones and it shouldn’t be during these testing times. No destructions can lower the minds of people under the influence of the almighty. There can be stumbling ones down the block but it’s the trial phase. If you’ve read old testament, there were more curses compared to sins, desires and blessings. It was God standing amongst the Israelites during war be it against God or in misery yearning for help. Only in men sufferings, in lies the God’s path.

For years, the house has been so quiet but then comes the corona chapter where every in-bodies wanted to escape from the cage. There had been continuous bulbs and air-conditioners charging the hike in electricity bills. If you’re on solars, you’re saved! Why you never thought of it earlier? Work-from-home or not, you can rest up your little backs on couches. Yes, I’ve learnt, the ‘WFH’ isn’t exactly cool too. It’s something you choose so be with it. (Peace offering!) House-wives and mothers have been working continuously to feed up the hungry tummies. Baking and cooking non-stop trying out new recipes. Painting, sketching and splashing new colors, you never thought you will do after like ten years or more! Recreating memories and following videos to get that extra muscle or trim of that extra kilos. Dusting off your favorite instruments and raising the jazz you never thought you had time.  

Policemen, Doctors, Nurses, Ambulance drivers, Laboratory researchers, supermarket sales person, pharmacies, media, security guards – These ones and many out there were trying to bring the pandemic down. Respect for the countless ones whose sacrified and working hard behind the screens.

Corona Warriors, that’s an apt name. Salute!

On a positive note, there are more recoveries than deaths in handful places. There are deaths unclaimed and alarmingly rising in numbers. My heart goes to Maharashtra, Delhi, Gujarat, Chennai people and many facing the struggles of not receiving a proper aid or care. Some lost in the battle of bringing the virus down. Some not having proper gears or kits, yet working for the greater good. Some like the migrants walking miles for days to reach their homes without food or hopes of survival. We are privileged in many ways than one cause we know we won’t survive like those determined ones. Empathize!

Lastly, what may not be possible for 10 years global cleansing, happened in three months.

The Earth was healing.

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22 thoughts on “Life in times of Corona Virus: The Indian chapter

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  1. We, who have a shelter, food every day, some savings, sources of entertainment are so much privileged as the Indian media shows the pictures of helpless migrants, kids walking thousands of kms, which is so disturbing.
    This teaches that we should be grateful for roti-kapda-makan.
    Millions don’t have them.
    Keep posting.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. In today’s newspaper, there is a picture of a young boy trying to sleep on a top of a suitcase. That’s seriously heartbreaking… so true millions don’t have them and yet they strive to reach their homes.
      Thank you Rupal for reading !


  2. You did write it so well about Corona, the trend setters the lost cultures and religions, time flies so fast in this lockdown, AP 2020 we are going to be see a different world! You simply wrote it awesome ✨👌 Have a beautiful day ✨🤗

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Beautifully written! I liked how you have written, about present, past and “anxious future”. Social distancing has become a new reality. Keep writing! Do check my blog out. Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

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