Lockdown 4.0: Kerala Chapter #Covid19

Shailaja teacher Kerala Corona slayer

Kerala Chapter

Around the globe, there had been appraises for this rockstar slash corona slayer, Health minister Smt. K. K. Shailaja, a higher secondary school teacher for her leadership in responding proactively and bold actions to combat Covid19 crisis. With numerous interviews and articles, countless messages applauding her efforts, there was a ‘Kerala model’ (everyone’s keen interest) to know in handling contagious diseases by increasing the priority in conducting tests amongst the highly virulence groups despite the limited resources.

Watch: Smt K.K. Shailaja teacher interviewed by BBC World regarding the fight against Covid19

With her recent interview to BBC, ‘the slip of tongue’ quoted about a demised person that was virus affected, was from Goa, a Union Territory, instead of Mahe. Hell broke loose in Twitter with apprehensive remarks against the leader questioning her literacy quotient, her profession, and her political rights. With everyone claiming her popularity as PR stunt and few in-between promoting political campaigns. Communists, BJP etc… and the lists goes on.

The out leash was pouring throughout Twitter, and my eyes were amazed by the liberation of speech and hatred in public platforms. When it came to another scenarios too, my eyes never fail to be amazed by the continuous bothersome tweets, and hatred all over the social media. Though she clarifies at a later tweet, and personally apologises to the Goan minister with her intentions.

The recipient; I’ve learnt, has to be strong in facing the hatred from oppositions. And the pride Keralite in me responding and rationally thinking why the world is filled with hatred and so much evil. When it came to Kasargod situation of handling Covid affected patients or other aliments travelling to Mangalore for extensive treatments where asked, debated and adjourned. Some pleas unheard and unfortunate deaths on the border questioned. Again Twitter had a battle field. I did agree to Mangalore shuting its borders, but not to offensive remarks. 

corona-virus-covid-19-in-keralaToday Kasargod may have good health sector and it has to improve in many ways than yesteryears to prove its assurance and safety. When it came to other states irrespective of Kerala or not, all had equal liberation or more fierce words and backlash of hatred. Be it Delhi riots or North- Eastern riots all had the same fever. Be the celebrity stunts or rape victims or anything remorse, all had the same intense voice. Twitter is the first battlefield and then comes other platforms.

Kerala Health minister and Chief minister

“Government hospitals should be patient-friendly, high-tech, and out-of-pocket expenditure must reduce. Primary healthcare units are very important, especially in rural areas, they now have testing labs and are able to catch early signs of different diseases”

I applaud for the Health minister of Kerala for her efforts in handling the cases affected by air-borne viruses or contagious dieases and bringing the margins of death rates to four offering the rest of the world a success outcome. To the others affected in other places and stranded, its really disheartening to see and hear such demises. For they never got the much needed care in the developed places where Kerala does a good job in identifying, testing and quarantine in hospitals or homes. I also appreciate for the care and efforts of doctors, nurses, laboratory staffs, researchers, paramedical staffs and policemen for their timely planning and actions.


Irrespective of communism or not, the state had strictly followed the textbook protocols of virus containment and set up places for rapid testing in Hospitals, check-posts, and airports. They adhere to strictly measures and suspected cases were regularly monitored by Government health officials.

During the Covid19 fight, Kerala was the first state with highest number of cases back in March – April months along with Maharashtra. With consecutive days of no new cases in the beginning of the May month, Honourable chief minister had confirmed the curve being flattened.

Honestly, I’ve never seen an official who does press conferences so precise and with patience answering each queries. He updates us about the present situation, every single day from month of February end and the beginning of March. I don’t support any political parties personally but I admire his leadership in handling the situation unlike the former leaders. Just because Kerala is ruled by a communist doesn’t mean all are communists!

By the day 100th of #Covid19 fight, Kerala had already fought two waves of Corona virus with India’s first confirmed case being January 30th. The month of May, there were zero to less cases compared to overall cases witnessed in India.


The Covid-19 curve, which had been well and truly flattened and was dipping in Kerala, seems to have started to reverse over the past few days.

Kerala Covid 20052020

Today 20th May 2020, there is rise in new cases mainly due to expats coming back home from overseas and from other states. In these days, when every one opposes the arrival of expats, we warm welcome them to our state, their homeland. In today’s press conference, he talked about awareness. We need to be aware of the virulence state of this microscopic organism. Only then, we shall know to fight this pandemic. Staying at homes is only a precautionary method not to spread in the community. In the coming days, we will witness an increase in the number of new cases says Chief Minister and its our moral duty to do the basic sanitary measures and engage in quarantine to combat the crisis.

It’s heartening to see that at least one state has hope, and is moving in the right direction. If the rest of the country can follow by example, we might stand a chance of beating this virus without suffering too many losses.

We may not be able to upvote Shailaja teacher as the India’s health minister but I’m sure this corona slayer can share her management protocols and even her team to fellow states if such a situation arises. In spite of all hatred and PR ratings, she is still ready to help out with a smile. That’s what I liked about her.

Yes. The hatred shall continue within the state, amongst the states and between countries. Mostly due to religious views and political parties, their Gods and their pimps. Will the world ever change? What is the media talking about ‘new normal’? Another post in Twitter going viral and I am sure the world will never change.


 Pictures in this post credits to Google and few of them to Government of Kerala site and Twitter. The author of this post has been thinking a lot about the hatred in the state affairs. The answers of Why’s shall never be known and the world will continue to be the same with or without covid19.

Why there is so much hatred?

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Disclaimer: This post is a personal opinion and views expressed by the author and do not necessarily reflect any official policies of the country or state affairs. Any content provided by the author is her own opinion, and has no intention to malign any religion, ethic group, club, organization, company, individual or anyone in particular. The author has also no intention to spread negativity or wrong information, regarding the covid crisis. 


5 thoughts on “Lockdown 4.0: Kerala Chapter #Covid19

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  1. Thank you for writing this.
    My father was telling me about the Kerala model and he has sent me some articles to read. The mainstream media rarely focused on showing it. But yes, it’s a model which every state should follow.
    And this “why” trouble me as well.
    Why there is so much hate?
    Why we ignore the good deeds of a person and just focus on one of her small mistake?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Every state is doing their best Jensy. Yes, the comment on the Goa episode was not taken well by our CM, but the again – isn’t politics all about showing ‘how much we’re doing for our state/country’. Everyone can make mistakes. Either way Goa has been in the PLUS (today it has touched a half century) ever since opening borders, trust Kerala is doing better.
    Let’s hope as a country we can manage to pull off something brilliant, whether it comes from a mind of a Malayalee, Goan or some person sitting in some corner of the world.

    Liked by 1 person

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