Milestones do matter

This post is long overdue and once in here, it’s official!

From March, I’d been on serious consideration of changing the blog name and relatively pushed it away to May depending upon my updates and dedication to keep it alive. It has been quite a journey from 2012 onwards with WordPress and that’s definitely not going to end.


“The Girl With the Scorpion Tattoo” has been selected by the Feedspot panelists as ‘Top 100 Writing Blogs & Websites for Authors in 2020’ ranking 35th though this rank keeps changing from 67 to 21 to now 35! Had known this for awhile but looking for an auspicious date to announce it here and I delay it further.

If not dentistry, I am sure to be an English professor or content writer. Initially, I had time to read many writer’s works though now I search for the time to blog. I am glad to be writing daily though its journal writing and I am blessed to get this gift of writing from my father. He still writes for the local Malayalam newspaper! Yay, its the genes 😀

Over the years of writing, I am glad I’ve crossed many hurdles of being judged, critizied, improvised and appreciated for my writing, shared and supported in social media. The journey was beautiful as I had met virtually few wonderful people during my initial days of blogging. Starting from Rahul Ashok, Soumya Prasad, Vishal Bheero, Manu Kurup, Revathi, Neeraj, Sid Balachandran, Dr. Roshan Radhakrishnan, Corrine Rodrigues. This was my first phase of blogging where I am still in contact with few. Lately, after April blogging challenge, the family just grew even bigger. The only default, I am being a peek- a- boo!

I still have a long way to go with my blog starting with consistency! I am grateful that I still get constructive criticism from random people whom I ask to check my blog. That means its going in the right way of assessment. Someday, I may work out a plan to self-host the blog though its clashing my already posted ones here. So that is a serious question mark!


I would also like to acknowledge Ava Tripathy for the award and this gesture. Thank you for the encouragement to pass it on though I should say I’m made of lazy bones. Thank you Ava!

A big hug and thanks from the bottom of my heart to all my readers, well-wishers and supporters channelling all their love here to make this blog great!!

Keep reading and lots of love! ❤



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