“Do not worry if you feel low; the sun has a sinking spell every night, but rises again all right the next morning.” Every step I move ahead, I can feel a monster whine, NO MORE I CAN! Thousand times, Even if I write in front of me that I CAN DO IT, there is … Continue reading I CAN


Hostel Life, Sister!

This post is written on behalf of April blogging challenge 2014 theme 'College Life' for the letter H! Hostel... I know you’ve been there too. 4 or 5 years or 8-10 years! Nobody comes with an instruction manual how to deal with life unless in easy stick! To adjust with people dealing with different frequencies … Continue reading Hostel Life, Sister!

Girls Rep Over and Out

This post is written for the April Blogging challenge 2014 for the theme College Life  As all have reached to the end of greatest blogging challenge of the year, I'm still stuck with G in here! After three months of Rural postings and the times of bunking, holidaying in Gokarna, Goa and Bangalore. I'm Back! … Continue reading Girls Rep Over and Out

What’s on your mind, Fakebook?

This post is strictly on behalf of April Blogging challenge 2014 on the subject College memories. And the F we all know about! 😀 Facebook has been part of life just like Oxygen. Whattt Oxygennnnnnn!! (NOOO) Was that too much? Oh may be! (thinking) Was it the twenty times I checked facebook today? Naah, Did … Continue reading What’s on your mind, Fakebook?

He Crushed my heart!

Oh c’mon if you haven’t had that one person who hit cupids at your heart. One person, naaah! I’m sure there are many? Yeah! College won’t be fun without the bunch of candies. “And there goes my endless crushes”, sighs Jen Pervert? No, I’m not... I just stick on to one! There goes my cupid-dribbling … Continue reading He Crushed my heart!