Milestones do matter

This post is long overdue and once in here, it's official! From March, I'd been on serious consideration of changing the blog name and relatively pushed it away to May depending upon my updates and dedication to keep it alive. It has been quite a journey from 2012 onwards with WordPress and that's definitely not... Continue Reading →

One Year and Two Months

‘Two months’ that would be incorrect. The third one is running smoothly already with 5 posts. Well, this time WordPress had forgotten my anniversary so do me. Therefore, it is even. To bring a belated wish can make me a year old blogging. AND I like every bit of it. Ahh...Just can’t take the pressures... Continue Reading →


My apologies for the late declaration of four awards down the journey and its today I could mention it here. THANK YOU TO THE TWO STARS that's big in Blogging world. Thank you Christina (AmbitionInTheCity) and Vishal  🙂 Better than late or never mentioned accepting it now. I would also like to thank to those... Continue Reading →

Holla ;)

I won’t say it’s long time that I updated on anything. Still times like these, make me crammed up in studies with lots of caffeine inside. It’s the last year of my official studying, so got to deal with lots of exams and assignments. My cell phone doesn't stop blinking with mails loaded on WordPress. Therefore, I’m... Continue Reading →

Feel The Glow

I am back with another achievement added to this blog. This time it’s another  The Liebster Award adding to my kit. I am happy and blessed. Thanks goes to this wonderful and beautiful person Carolyn Hughes that I stumbled across while checking some other blogs. I am glad I found and liked her inspirational posts.... Continue Reading →

Flying Higher

Hola! Yesterday I received the news that I'm nominated for two Awards i.e. The very Inspiring Blogger Award and The Beautiful Blogger Award from a great writer, blogger and friend Terry Shepherd. Terry, I want to hug you NOW! 🙂 This is my first ever achievement after starting my blogging journey. I never got... Continue Reading →

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