My Teachers

Words encouraging enough to polish us better That little push to climb over hurdles Sometimes, Sacrificing to just see that smile. To hear those words of upliftment. That relief of getting it done in spite to pull our lazy socks, And yell it loud before examinations "We can do it". Months of cramping on books … Continue reading My Teachers


To Our Greatest Teacher

The day when she heard our cry, she smiled. She couldn’t be more happier than what she asked in her life. When he held you to his chest, he never had been so proud. That was our first love. Next down the road, we had siblings to hold onto as friends, guide and the never-ending … Continue reading To Our Greatest Teacher


“Gosh, The Days are flying faster”... Have to pinch myself to get the feeling... Five years... Though the progress in each year was good, however the realization that time running faster is quite a big revelation. Out of all the years, ‘The First Year’ being the most memorable one. It’s the time of the year … Continue reading THOUGHTS OF A COLLEGE SENIOR

He Smiled so Do ME…

Narayanan was sitting outside the department anticipating his name to call. “NARAYANAN” When I called out his name loudly, he stood with hands up, ‘that’s me’, he said.  Out of all the other people waiting in the outpatient department for their turn to come, he had a grim smile with pale face. He is half … Continue reading He Smiled so Do ME…