My Quietness

When trying to get out of comfort zone, you actually encounter your life is nothing but that quietness. It isn't just silence, more of chaos and little extended dramas in your life...

Does Love exist?

I hope, I find someone who finds joy in my happiness, grieves in my pain, cherishes my existence like how love is meant to be... Not the one who hides away to celebrate our togetherness but the one who speaks to Almighty about me... I hope I find someone of my wavelength... someone who skips... Continue Reading →

Loving you

​It's not I stopped loving you.. It wasn't worth of loving myself less. I'd made a bond for my own happiness...

If Only… 

(1min read) If only I love the one In curls and curves, Glaring at my reflection If only I can wash away the sunken eyes, And create a charm If only I face my fear And wipe away my tears If only I knew my purpose And fight over every barriers Wear my heart in... Continue Reading →

My Ink bled scribble 

My scribble

Ignite thy inner demon


Should I make a lemonade?

When life give lemons.

For the moment

Location: Nariman Point, Mumbai (Visit my instagram page at jenstagram21 for more travel clicks ) The above picture was clicked by my friend when I was deep in my thoughts of life wasn't fair and How being a child to all these new profound emotions irking for the past few days. Probably, the only time... Continue Reading →

Hey, Lil One!

You are a masterpiece fallen from heaven Your innocent smile breaks my sorrows away You are the hope, I wished to paint Your little words, I dreamed for so long You're the shooting star Cast into my world, Immensely blessed, my Lil one So Lil one! Shine like a star, Dream in no limits Fly like... Continue Reading →

All The Light We cannot See

When they were told to dress up nice, smile often and to be polite to the guests.  When they played along by bursting crackers and firing rockets that shoot up in the air in bright colours. When their eyes twinkle in all the light we cannot see When their smile can't brighten enough to the empty... Continue Reading →

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