My Freedom

Up, up the long, blistering blue Sprinting off, auburn of catastrophe Strolling on slurry bonds of Earth Dancing the skies in wiggly laughter As happy as clam Writers sing my freedom in thee! ♠ Soaring high Under the sun split clouds Climbing the tumbling mirth Joining the silvered wings of bliss Million-dollar smile swung on … Continue reading My Freedom

Do I belong here Zola?

It’s getting late It’s getting darker Wrap me inside With a Blanket of pelt For I see evil ~Immoral~  in eyes of crimson ♦ She is breaking Something ain’t right With heart so loud beating Tearing between sheets of pain She is crying in an empty womb With eyes so swollen She whispers her darker … Continue reading Do I belong here Zola?


It seems like yesterday that day elapsedLike a White frosty oneDazed and shaken with numbnessShe strolls in icy trails obscured in blackness.Lost to inherent notionsWith aching tempo of her breaths feebly heard in sighs...She quakes in fear with a fragile heart.            Just like that day she plays her last pieceThe one she found when her … Continue reading Emptiness