Book Review: The Three Flowers – My blooming verses

Hello there ! This time it's another E-book solely focussing on micropoetry on random words starting from A to Z,  "The Three Flowers - My Blooming Verses" Review from the author Romilaa of novemberschild. This book is a part of an initiative of blogging challenge, April A to Z where each day you get to write … Continue reading Book Review: The Three Flowers – My blooming verses


Book Review: Soul Sojourn #BlogchatterEbookcarnival

Hello, Readers!! I'm back with an E-book review this time for the amazing BlogChatter Ebook carnival with 35 books to read. Being the writer of heart gets connected with the potpourri of emotions so very well, that's why I chose Soul Sojourn as my first Ebook to review.  The book is about poignant of ideas, … Continue reading Book Review: Soul Sojourn #BlogchatterEbookcarnival

Jeffrey Archer: Kane and Abel

'They had only one thing in common'-Fate. William Lowell Kane and Abel Rosnovski, the former being the son of a Boston millionaire and like legacy, all being bankers. The later being the penniless Polish immigrant, son of late Baron (characteristic of one nipple  who once had a fancy castle until Germans ruin them all in … Continue reading Jeffrey Archer: Kane and Abel

Book Review: Angels and Demons

Here is another book on the review column and this time, it's Dan Brown. In the last minute, I've taken out this book from home, wiped off the dust and still can smell the dust all the way to my room away from home. (Just kidding) Four years wrapped dust is there but still it's … Continue reading Book Review: Angels and Demons

Book Review: Memoirs of a Geisha

It's surprising, I've never heard of this book until my cousin gave a summary to this wonderful non fiction. An epic tale woven into a beautiful vanishing world of today, *Geishas* It's beautiful because it's written in a way enthralling readers interest. For some it may not be what it calls beautiful, But for some … Continue reading Book Review: Memoirs of a Geisha

Book Review: The Cuckoo Calling

The much-awaited anticipation was over when I got hold of this paperback copy from flipkart. Out from one of my favourite author something different, and yet magical with the title. THE CUCKOO’S CALLING from J.K.Rowling as Robert Galbraith SUNDAY TIMES says J.K Rowling’s crime debut (pen name as Robert Galbraith) beguilingly shows that she can … Continue reading Book Review: The Cuckoo Calling

Book Review: Be Careful what you wish for

Archer recites a political family drama from 1957 to 1964, describing the character of Harry Clifton as a poor rich-war dramatically hero and best-selling crime writer along with the supporting character Emma Barrington, first woman chairperson of her family shipping company. After three books of his chronicles is yet another one casting from construction of … Continue reading Book Review: Be Careful what you wish for

Book Review: The Best Kept Secret

Out of the Clifton series, this is definitely the third installment of five-part series that Archer left us dazzle in a cliffhanger. Jeffrey portrays the extremity from both evil and excellent qualities, never a middle term for happy go-lucky but only with clear-cut characterization and the most evident British penchant writing style!       … Continue reading Book Review: The Best Kept Secret