One Last Time

Where are you, My love? I kept waiting for you there.. Again and again.. So long... To find my other part..  The one I cannot have.. But the one I really wish to have..   I turned back to walk Still I waited behind that bridge Waiting for you.. Waiting for time to stop by..... Continue Reading →

She…. My Angel!

I don’t know why… I really don’t know why and how she has trespassed into my heart, that day. Why…? Oh my gosh! Look at her, DUDE!! She is not only sexy, but… But.. ehhh.. Charming and….. And…. Goddamn angelic outlook she has…. I know… I know I’m…. My mood swings…. Um… When she enters our... Continue Reading →

The Vibrant Bliss

I wait in front of the door so long, Waiting for my love to open it With utmost eagerness and temper, When she opens it in her new outfit, I’m fully beyond the control So that she can control me with her spells. Her beautiful lips strikes on my sight, And compels me for a... Continue Reading →

Can’t Let Go?

I saw him standing there With that smile on his face That churns my heart... Words can’t explain the beats I feel Cause’ my heart sings a new song And it tells something special, Special to sparkle my face...  ♥ I don’t know who is she? Why we always meet coincidentally in our unending paths?... Continue Reading →

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