Picture Credit: Google Images Waiting for thy night To be in your arms Moment seizes  When droplets wash  drenches my warmth, Lifts vulnerability Awaken the abandoned soul A fortunate stroke of Serendipity A Vibe A Mere existence –I  didn’t know Dance in waves All Over Me! –KikiBee Continue reading Serendipity

A Big Circle

=”text-align: center;”> Appreciate if you’re born as a Human. (In the right kind) If you know what I mean!  “What I sow, I reap” Karma. What goes around, comes around?  If you throw the temper down the universe, you’d see the stars that sparkle but you don’t know that cause you can’t see them. You’re … Continue reading A Big Circle


The Hope, she believed in destroyed her peace                            From being Friends to acquaintances, Called her the Immature one’ Hurt Wounded Buried For being the silly out of the lot¿ Feelings, That shadows her all day Just cause she was daring to be¿ For believing … Continue reading Shadow


Heart shape Colours Brighten my day Your one sided Smile Curves my world In Butterflies Words, Typed Lines by Lines Deeply Ignite my mind Your touch Takes my Breathe away KISS my soul Let us share What we left behind That charm Sprinkle our Hearts A Million Times And I can’t stop Falling in Love … Continue reading Kiss