Monsoon is here: Green Girl in Rain

Walking by the college premises passing through Hostel entrance, I was heading to a nearby shop. Heavy pours had just started and it seems like it never rained. My white coat was drenched with water though I had an umbrella, which was of no use since the rain was torrentially heavy. Furious winds started blowing…Read more Monsoon is here: Green Girl in Rain

Not a Good Planner!

IF YOU FALL, I’LL BE THERE- FLOOR IT APPEARS LIKE THIS FOR ME... WHEN PLANS FALL FLAT ON ITS FACE, I’LL BE THERE- Jensyyy Friday: lots to do... Friday list goes on and on.. Saturday: should study one unit...atleast one.. Later.. Tomorrow I’ll study for sure...I swear!! Sunday: At 11pm, F*ck! I should’ve studied...(miserable) At last…Read more Not a Good Planner!

My First Rural Satellite Centre

Nitte: 21st July 2012 Waking up at 5am was not an issue when you have sleep-less nights. Brushing teeth-splashing cold water- quick shower-changing into clothes-dumping all the survey forms into the shoulder bag-praying-strong scent of perfumes-and last not the least my pink umbrella! Heavy pours had calmed down into drizzle by the time I stepped…Read more My First Rural Satellite Centre


Mangalore can’t be any better with all what had happened recently. For all who don’t know Mangalore, It’s a place in Karnataka, west side of Bangalore. A city that draws students from all over the world for higher education does not provide space for young people like us to chill or even step out from…Read more TERROR-ISTS OR VIOLENT ACTIVISTS?

I’m Back

Good Morning!! There was a huge gap between July 11th and July 26th for the next post. The recent two posts were those which I wrote long back and not any new. I took a break from blogging. A big one! Not sure whether this was a permanent one or in order to prevent from…Read more I’m Back


Another one which I came across while flipping through my journal pages... THIS I have written after August 2009... A gentle breeze washed away my tears, tears of longing to be with someone. It was so cool that it took my mind faraway, A world of its own. A world where all dreams came true!…Read more Dream


I flipped through the pages of my old journal and I found this. I was 17(guess) when I wrote this..So here goes one of my crappy poems..which I wrote when one of my best friend left me long ago..I think about her at times and wonder if having a good friend brings memories and all in…Read more GoodBye