One Year and Two Months

‘Two months’ that would be incorrect. The third one is running smoothly already with 5 posts. Well, this time WordPress had forgotten my anniversary so do me. Therefore, it is even. To bring a belated wish can make me a year old blogging. AND I like every bit of it. Ahh...Just can’t take the pressures... Continue Reading →

He Smiled so Do ME…

Narayanan was sitting outside the department anticipating his name to call. “NARAYANAN” When I called out his name loudly, he stood with hands up, ‘that’s me’, he said.  Out of all the other people waiting in the outpatient department for their turn to come, he had a grim smile with pale face. He is half... Continue Reading →

Holla ;)

I won’t say it’s long time that I updated on anything. Still times like these, make me crammed up in studies with lots of caffeine inside. It’s the last year of my official studying, so got to deal with lots of exams and assignments. My cell phone doesn't stop blinking with mails loaded on WordPress. Therefore, I’m... Continue Reading →

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