Jazz up your Journey to Spirituality

Why does 'past' - divorce, abuse, trauma or betrayal, bought back, to rip your wounds open? Nevertheless, it could be an illness - a life threatening one that doesn't have a cure. Tough times to deal with circumstances but the least you can do is ask, "Is there anything I can do or should be... Continue Reading →

10 Ways to find your Inner strength

When I is replaced by We, even Illness becomes Wellness - Malcolm X We come across many conflicts that has ravaged our lives from time to time. If we are not finding faults with others, we are finding faults within us. If we don't deal the inner turmoils like procrastinations, fear of rejection, unachievable ideals... Continue Reading →

In Pursuit of Happyness

Dear on other side, We are all in search to find the meaning of life. Few striking out the to-do lists or getting works done may seem happier. After all, Happiness is a choice to endure and be generous. We encounter people whose riches are bigger than their happiness, yet they aren't joyful. Why so?... Continue Reading →

Echoes from the Earth

¬†Despair is strangely, the last bastion of hope. A haven of temporary living, like a protector from dusk till dawn. A silent healer, to be accepted in times of darkness and the body left to itself will breathe, the heart will continue to beat and the world, we realize, will never stop or go away.... Continue Reading →

From Dusk till Dawn: Dwelling in Darkness

Distractions. I'd been distracted all day, since a week; I managed to keep my griefs at bay. Although from morning, despair seems to be drenched all over me. Honestly, Netflix doesn't give me the assurance of keeping my despairs away. And I shouldn't be. Walking to and fro, bedroom to kitchen, mostly opening up refrigerator... Continue Reading →

Connected with Cobwebs

The other day when I woke up early, it was kind of misty. Not knowing what disturbed my beautiful dream. AND there was a gigantic cockroach crawling over me. That shook the complete slumber if I'd any. Yet without say, how the HELL does this house has many creatures?! I swear! Staying in my uncle... Continue Reading →

A Letter for your Soul: Be Bold and Be Beautiful

A letter for your soul, There had been nights where sleep didn't adhere to my wishes, neither dreams weren't fulfilling to sort out my goals. 'Being anxious of tomorrow' was once and still takes quiet a toll on me. 'To be bold, To be brave, To be You' was definitely a delusion created amongst so... Continue Reading →

#BlogchatterAtoZ: From Dusk till Dawn -Acceptance

A Letter to your soul, Very unprecedented days with this lockdown, not knowing what lies ahead of us. Don't let that put you down. Not knowing, 'Uncertainity'- we consciously believe that the world is pandemic, into unconsciously wired that the universe is nothing but hatred.¬† Love. Apart from the word bliss, to feel that emotion,... Continue Reading →

Theme Reveal: #BlogchatterAtoZ

Every year my home feed gets filled with this amazing April blogging challenge and I too, once, was part of it (2014). Due to time constraints and ever evolving medico life I'd to leave it behind. (Maybe I lost the interest) Though I started my blogging journey from 2012, I was never sincerely 'blogging'. The... Continue Reading →

My Travel Diary #2

My travel didn't end in just a flight journey to Rishikesh, definitely with some shots in Delhi as well. There are many popular spots in Delhi that we couldn't cover in a day.  Our convention was a three-day event, however, we stayed in Delhi first to roam around for a day. Our first stop was... Continue Reading →

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